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Is this Illegal?


Hi my regular client request to make few social media accounts.So I made and send her login details.But Fiverr gave me a warning saying trying to contact outside of Fiverr or something.Is that Illegal? Btw, she is not order yet.Usually these kind of virtual assistance tasks, I send order at the end since it is hard to decide the price before project gets completed.But I have proofs if CS checked my inbox that she said “I’ll pay after this.”


Its recommended that the buyer make an order before starting any task as they might disappear without paying, set some sort of base price and if the buyer needs something more you can always show them the gig extras. Its easier to explain the issues to customer service if the order was already made but if not it might seem as if you are trying to make the client pay offsite.


Thank You.I worked that way at the beginning.But since she becomes a regular buyer until now she just pay me about once a week since most of them are not worth $5.


I would tread carefully…


You client login details might contain email address which automatically detected by Fiverr system


To be safe, you should contact Fiverr CS and ask for their advice regarding this warning. For me this is necessary to avoid the staff mistakenly think you are exchanging email address and trying to communicate with buyer outside Fiverr. Better be safe than sorry


Not sure if its illegal as were dealing with international laws, but most social platforms do not allow one person to have multiple accounts and at least fb doesn’t even allow you to create an account for someone else. Thus such a gig would violate third party terms and that’s not allowed on fiverr.

When a gig involves a third party its always a good idea to check with the third party before preceeding.


If there is an @ symbol located anywhere in your orders, it will automatically get flagged and you’ll get the warning not to communicate outside of fiverr.