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Is this is a scam? Please help!


Hi guys! I am new to this site and I just went live last night with my voice over gig. I was excited when I got this message this morning but then I thought twice about it… seemed like a weird request to me being that my VO demo is on my profile…could it be a scam? Has anyone received a request like this? Is this a scam or do you think it’s ok to send her my VO demo via separate mp3.

“Hi! We are looking for a female US voice talent for our e-training project. Could you please send me some of your best quality demos here in mp3 or WAV format so that I could get the approval of your voice from the client? Thank you very much in advance! Warmest regards, Emilia”

What do you think? I appreciate your advice in advance!


Hello Christie @rebeldarling,

i’m not sure if that’s a scam. I’m not a VO artist, but i ever got a similar request from a potential buyer. She asked for the soft file of my portfolios on my gig page in high-resolution and told that she would like to show them to her client for approval. She told me that her in-house designer was on vacation.

I sent some to her without any suscpicion of scam, since they have been posted on in my Behance page. Beside, portfolios are too specific in term of use and can’t be used without any permission.

Long story short, she’s my repeat buyer until now, and always ask for the same request whenever she need to outsource a design work.

Since i don’t know much about VO niche and with the assumption that you have publish the requested demo on reverbnation or else, i think will be fine to send him the mp3 version of your demo. Sending WAV is not recommended since it could be “sampled” (i don’t know the right term for it, but all i want to say is WAV can be used for manipulation since it still raw).

Hope that help :grinning:


I don’t find anything suspicious in the message. You can go ahead with sending them the demo but make sure that you don’t make a new VO according to their requirements. I’m not a VO artist though.


Hi Christie,

Welcome to Fiverr!

Not unusual in the slightest. You’re dealing with another provider, who is offering e-Learning to clients. Their ‘package’ will include a VO, and they will almost always provide demos of 3 to 5 VO artists, so that the client can choose the one they like best. You’re essentially ‘auditioning’ without even realising it!

So long as you only provide a demo (and not previous work) you’re absolutely fine.

Good luck!


Thanks for taking the time to respond :slight_smile: Just needed a little reassurance!


Thanks so much for your opinion I appreciate it!!


Phew. I responded back with my VO demo. I appreciate your time in responding :smile:


Glad you sent your demo. The buyers to worry about are the ones who claim they’ll give you a huge order if you do a little free work for them in advance. :lying_face:

I hope this leads to your first order. I really love your voice!!


I’m going to play devils advocate here and say this is a scam. There is a trend of resellers who ask for samples to use as their own for their own prospective clients. There is also no guarantee that even if an end client does place an order with the person you are giving samples, they will pass that order on to you.

I get asked every day if I can provide writing samples. I never do. I decided to stop being Mr. Paranoid a few months ago. However, one sample I gave out was published a few days later on a website which has nothing to do with me.

Fill your portfolio with samples which people can listen to via your gig. Alternatively, audio watermark any samples you give away. Don’t give out samples freely to anyone who asks, though. 9/10 They will use these to garner increased business for themselves and that is something you should be paid for.


100% agree with this, so long as we’re talking about ‘samples’ and not a showreel. We have a showreel, and we’ll share this freely with anyone. It’s of no value to anyone other than us. It’s generic, can’t be re-sold, and ultimately if a re-seller manages to convince someone to buy from them (even if they’re imitating us), they would still need to come and buy from us.

We do offer custom sample reads to clients. But they have to pay for them, at our standard word-rate. That usually helps weed out the people you’re talking about in our experience.

Also, as much as we try to get people to visit our profile to listen to our gigs, providers of Animation Vids/eLearning etc will always want a file they can forward on.


It’s been said a few times already but don’t worry. I work in VO and get similar requests all the time. I send 3-4 demo samples that are obviously demos. There is nothing in the script other than me describing my sweet sweet voice, lol. They would serve no purpose if someone even tried to use them for their own gain.


Hi Christie,
I think others here have covered this for you now but I also do get these messages. I have to say I have sent demo clips and never once in 18 months have I ever got a job out of these people. Anyway, I wanted to in and say hello to Fiver VO world and wish you luck with your new venture.