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Is this is unethical to send my gigj's link on Fiverr Forum

Please guide me gently.

You can only share your Fiverr Gig link under this category - My Fiverr Gigs OR Improve My Fiverr Gig - anywhere else would be seen as spam and would be flagged by the community.



Here is a note of the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's for future reference.


Fiverr forum is only to help others and to get worthwhile ideas from experts. Fiverr support prohibits to share link here in case one is doing so with intention of marketing.

If you unecessary sharing your gig link on fiver forum your account will be blocked on forum and may be also on Fiverr

@ahsan9911 @sanketchoudh868 Did you guys even read the first two replies in this thread? :man_facepalming: :roll_eyes:

It is perfectly okay to share your gigs’ links in the appropriate forum sub-categories (i.e. “My Fiverr Gigs” for advertising and “Improve My Gig” for seeking help for improvement).


I read those replies but I think you have not read my reply completely. Go through it again :slight_smile:

You bet I did. :wink:

:arrow_up: This is not true. Fiver ALLOWS marketing of gigs on their forum (in certain sub-categories). Fiverr does not “prohibit” it.