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Is this just me? - Suspended Withdrawals


So, my withdrawals are apparently suspended.

I have a feeling that this might be because I just left a 1-star review of a buyer and blocked them. They ended up leaving me 5-stars but the way they were communicating in their revision request left me guessing that they were very unimpressed and they instantly reviewed the order after redelivery.

So, is this a bug which anyone else is experiencing? Or am I likely now at the mercy of a disgruntled buyer who has possibly flagged me in an act of blind review revenge?

It would be nice to hear if this is a bug, as I really don’t feel like completing any orders until I know I’ll get paid for my work. :slight_smile:


Have patience.
As they already said they are working hard on getting this fix.


I’ll tell that to my bank the next time they want to charge me interest for going overdrawn. :slight_smile:


I generally withdraw when balance reached to $$$.
Right now I only have few $$ so there is no way to check if this bug is only with you.


So it’s true. I and you are the real sellers on Fiverr. I knew the others were robots!

It’s okay, I wasn’t asking anyone to withdraw their earnings. I simply thought that if this was a bug, others would have already experienced it.


Na, happens to me from time to time. Something went wrong on the tech side of things. Give it an hour or two and it should sort itself out…probably.


Sorry this happened to you! Hope it gets fixed soon. Please keep us updated.

I haven’t had withdrawal problems since early January. I don’t recall that it said that. It was just not working, but no message like that at all.

They wouldn’t suspend your withdrawals for leaving a buyer a one star review, however, you should unblock the buyer. You need to be available for a time after delivery.


Its working…I have never face that kind of problem. You have to wait for more day or Ask Fiverr Support


Could you clarify where in TOS it says I have to be available after delivery and for how long?

I was available after the first delivery. I was therefore able to reply politely to a “your work is irrelevant, stupid, and not what I was looking for” revision request.

I was able to explain that I could only revise the order in question, if the buyer could supply basic details concerning the context of their article. When they refused, I reminded them that after their revision, they would not be able to request further revisions. In which case, they might want to consider giving me at least some hint what they wanted writing.

Finally, (after 3 attempts over a 24-hour period and some nice passive aggressive remarks from the buyer) I was provided with what should have been their order brief. I was then nice enough to stay up until 5am completely rewriting their article, to get them out of my hair ASAP.

The above being the case, this order was over. The buyer marked it as complete and was made aware in advance that no further revisions would be forthcoming. I am, therefore, under no obligation to keep communicating with them. - Especially considering the fact that for them, communication means “talk to someone like dirt until magically you get what you want by them reading your mind.”


Thanks. You were right!


It’s not in the TOS. I had the impression someone was banned for blocking a buyer. I would love to block a couple of previous buyers but don’t want any complaints about it.


I’ve blocked buyers without an issue. I think if someone got banned after blocking a buyer there would be more to the story. If course, the banned person might not tell the entire story. :slight_smile:


That’s why I keep a whole folder full of CS and buyer communications like a mad middle aged cyber hoarder. :wink:


This is what I’m thinking. I prefer to be as safe as possible.