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Is this kind of gig allowed?

Today I saw a gig like this below attached image. Just want to know if this is allowed as per fiverr TOS

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Yes it should, why not?

Well, you have the ■■■■■ details of client, once you got cant they can make a deal outside?

Fiverr allows communication outside of Fiverr if that’s needed for order

I always refrain myself to use words like $k…pe, email etc… for order purpose also just in fear that if I get warning or something.

Yeah me too, I think everbody is scared of algorithm

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Not everyone. I take the algorithm as it is, and I work within its boundaries. It is what it is.

Well, you never know when they will send you warning… I dont think someone manually check whether the suspicious words are used and then they send warning, it seems more like a automated system.

Yes, the “word use warnings” are automated.