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Is this legal on fiverr?

hello friends
my name is shima.
i am ceo at kerpoo architecture studio. you can get to our architecture gigs with links below:

as you can see we have some extra gigs in many branches, such as: t-shirt design, photo editing, jewelry design, product design and etc.
i have an idea but i dont know it is legal on fiverr or not?
i want to work with my fiverr friends with below conditions:
you will find some clients for our architecture gigs. and after we deliver the client work. we will offer you a job on one of your gigs, also on fiverr.
the price of your reward is 20% of fee that client paid on our architecture gig. of course we will pay this on one of your specific gigs.

and be sure every thing will be on fiverr.
what is your idea about that?
you think it is legal or not?

best regards

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It sounds like some sort of manipulation, maybe to get reviews. If Fiverr thinks there’s manipulation you could get a warning. People should just buy gigs because they’re interested in them (decided to buy by themselves), not as some “buy my gig and I’ll buy yours” scheme.

Also the TOS says “Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through”. Saying you’ll buy their gig if they buy yours sounds sort of against that.


i get your words.
but i want to know if it is illegal or not.
because we dont put anyone in force to buy our gig.
it is some how looks like a shop discount or some marketing strategy…

You could check the Terms of Service to see at:

You should also check the policy pages. For a direct answer from Fiverr you could really contact support and ask

But my advice is not to do it as I believe it would be counted as manipulation and I believe it could get a warning.


i think is not against this part of TOS.
because we do everything on fiverr not 'Other than fiverr"

If you think it wouldn’t be classed as manipulation you could do it but you could risk a warning in my opinion (as I think Fiverr would class it as manipulation). Like I said, you could contact CS and ask if it would be okay to do that.


This doesn’t make sense and likely will be frowned upon by Fiverr. Don’t do it.


thank you my friend
i have not start that yet.
i will contact with fiverr and wait till the fiverr answers me:blush:

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I wouldn’t even contact Fiverr. You are basically offering a review / gig purchase swap. This is illegal.

Even if you don’t leave reviews, you are assuming other sellers have time to help you promote your gigs. They don’t. The only people who will take you up on this offer are scammers and spammers.

As far as marketing goes, this is like trying to market a waterproof hairdryer. What can go wrong grossly outweighs any potential benefit.


thanks my friend
i should again say : i have not start that marketing program yet:grinning:

buy about your comment i should say:
in this approach we dont offer any reviews. it is just marketing. the client will be free to put a review, even good or bad, or not.

you can have my words, i will first contact with fiverr then start this program.:wink:
but before fiverr answer i want to know my fiverr friends ideas about that.
do you think, my friends, this is legal or not?

You’ve been told the answer to this, multiple times now, by multiple people, all of whom are experienced Fiverr sellers here. Why aren’t you accepting their answers?

It’s against Fiverr’s rules. It’s Gig-Exchanging, which is a practice which has had many people lose their accounts over the years. If you do it, you will most likely lose your account. If you ask Fiverr for permission to do it, they may well decide that you’re likely to do it, and could choose to remove your account.

Just follow the rules and try to sell your gig the normal way, like everyone else does. Simple.


You have been already told, but don’t like the answers. What case does it make asking for something if you disagree to all that’s not what you long to hear?


thanks you all
i heared all your answers.

i am contacting with fiverr to get their answer too.

Yeah, contacting Support to ask for permission to do something that’s clearly in breach of the Terms of Service is definitely the smart move here… :expressionless:


why you are angry my friend… i was just asking a question?

is questioning against the law?

I’m not angry at all. You are free to do what you feel is best.


ok my friend be cool.
we are all friends and we are here to discuss about our opinions and ideas.
not to fight with each other:wink:

Oh, come now, let them ask CS. CS will do what they think is best, and their decision could benefit the community. :smile_cat: