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Is this legal on fiverr?

This would be considered review manipulation and get your account banned.

It won’t matter if YOU don’t think it is.

ok all my friends
i apology from you all.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
thank you all

I think Fiverr will tell you it’s legal because it’s hard to make sense of what you mean when you say:

Then I think you will be banned when you start doing this. Then I think you will come back to the forum and complain that Fiverr is being unfair.

In every case, what you want to do is illegal and no matter Fiverr says, you will regret trying this.

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No one is going hot head here. It’s your account you’re putting at risk, not ours.

Law is not to be discussed but to be followed, at risk of being penalized for breaking it.

If anyone would come telling you it’s ok to do it, and you follow because that’s what you always wanted to hear, next thing we’ll be hearing from you is that you were warned, or even worse, banned.

So, your account, your decision. Only, please don’t blame others for your own mistakes on not wanting to listen to good advice, if anything happens.

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My understanding is. We find them clients, and they pay us a finder fee (percentage of that gig we got them) by way of ordering a gig from our list to that value that we do an empty delivery for.

This is very dodgy. I’m off to check the lock on my 10 foot barge-pole box is secure.


my friend i say again i did nothing till now
i had just one idea about expanding my job and ask from the cominuty

sorry for that all my friends

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