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Is This Legal To Post GIG Offers On Buyer Request Section?

Hello there all honorable members. O:-)

I have a question to ask:

I saw a few sellers are posting their gig offers in ‘Buyer Request’ section (not asking for a request for work. Example: I’ll do … … … . for $x).

Is this legal to post GIG offers in there? :open_mouth:

Is this violation of fiverr TOS? :open_mouth:

This is my very new post in this forum & I really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot for reading me & thanks in advance for your help… :slight_smile:

Beautiful post, very informative

Yes, is against Fiverr TOS.

Someone need to clear that out and punish them.

The best we can do is to send information about gigs or members to customer support to forward to the Fiverr editors. It’s been a while since I opened a new ticket with CS, but I think when you fill out the form, one of the questions is whether you’re reporting questionable gigs. I usually just send an email to with the URL, gig title, member name or whatever. To report buyer requests which AREN’T buyer requests, I guess you could send the date and wording of the “request”. After that, it’s up to Fiverr to investigate and follow through.

Advertising your gig on gig requests is not at all of any use. Sellers use gig request section to find buyers, but no buyer is going to look at buyer request section.

SO, even if someone manages to advertise his gig there, it will be of no use

As stated in Fiverr forum Do’s & Dont’s:

If you have a Gig service on Fiverr that you’d like to share, please post it in the My Fiverr Gigs category

So posting such threads on other sections means violating forum rules; usually forum moderators keeps moving such threads in proper section when they see them.

About reporting users, my opinion (my opinion, I repeat) is that many users do not realize what they are doing; think about this other rule “When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread”: if we’re going to report every single user violating it, CS will be overwhelmed just to address this problem…

I don’t know, rules are rules but I think that we should have some tolerance

Thanks a lot everyone for responding. I found my answer :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: omg, you’re absolutely right!! Sorry, I’ve read and understood a different thing :frowning: