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Is this legit or some kind of scam?


I have sent a discount (with 2 days expiration time) to a person who was interested in my gig. From Nigeria if this matters. Few days later a guy from the emirates with 5 five-star ratings contacted me and said, he is the guy with the Nigerian account. I should send HIM the offer with the discount.

a day later another guy contacted me via Fiverr, this time from France, and said HE is a friend of the emirates guy. the emirates guy has problems with his credit card and he want to pay for him and wants the discount. I have sent the discount to him. again with 2 days expiration time.

then ANOTHER guy contacted me 3 days later who said, he is a friend of the emirates guy and wants a discount and pay for him. at the same time the emirates guys tells me, to give this new guys the discount, because he will buy the gig for him.

what it this? no one of these persons bought. i didn’t had much work either. but what is the point? is it a scam that i don’t understand? very strange


This can happen from time to time but I’ve never had it with this many people playing tennis. If no one is accepting any of the offers, I’d give it up and move on.


The only thing I could logically think is that they are all the same buyer, and they are afraid of getting banned for whatever reason. Because of that, they keep asking you to do the transaction on other accounts.
Either that, or it could be a competitive seller trying to distract you from real work since you have a decent number of orders. Or just someone who likes to prank.
Why were you offering the discount? Maybe that has something to do with it.


Extremely fishy situation. Either it’s a bunch of alt accounts who are, for some strange reason, trying to falsely represent several different people, or the original contact messaged others about your discount to keep you occupied for some reason.

If no one is willing to cough up any money and place an order, it is simply an exercise in futility.


I was also thinking about that all the accounts that message me, asking for the discount, could mark my custom offer as spam at the same time. thus getting my account blocked by Fiverr. Would this be possible?

That might be, but as long as the buyer is the first to contact, sending an offer would not be spam since they asked for it.

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