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Is this legit?!

Hi [myfiverrname],

Are you still waiting for more sales?

We launched new program for sellers who need to promote and earn more sales traffic for Gigs.


Join with our official listing program and then you can see your Gigs on Fiverr featured page.

Note: This is an one time promotion and don’t use this offer with multiple accounts.

This offer valid until 31st May 2015.


Fiverr Team.

Someone messaged me today. Did anyone else receive this? I found this alarming though. If it's for real, I think fiverr would have announced this via email. Not messaging us thru fiverr accounts. They usually notify us via email and notifications. I am reporting this now to support team and will provide screenshot too! Not sure if this is legit or not but if anyone else receive this, please beware.

I already reported that weird account named “makeme_feature”, I guess it’s fake because of course fiverr won’t have a different site to offer stuff like that, it’s just someone trying to steal your account and take your money… be careful with those messages my friend…

For all of you tempted to click on the link, don’t! You will land on a fake Fiverr website and a weird file will be downloaded. If you did follow the link, consider running an anti-virus software on your computer.

i got the same message yesterday, reported that immediately, and the account was removed

Warning, this message is out there again

I got this just today from another account name. I clicked the link but my browser immediately detected suspicious activity. Reported it to fiverr support.

I was just hit by this today. I’m glad I came here first! I’m always wary of such things, and usually Fiverr doesn’t send us messages in the inbox, right?

I once had an inbox message telling me to log in to some weirdo URL with the word fiverr shoehorned into it, along with the world’s worst stretched print screen image with the username/password boxes. Only you could see the actual (stretched) ones underneath it. It was amazingly bad. I was impressed.

I queried the guy about it and got a very curt “it’s OK, just sign into it!” and I said, “no, because it looks awful, you’re not very good at this, and besides we’re already logged into Fiverr, so I would I?”

Then he got abusive so I reported him lol. There ends that tale of woe. Report him and forget him.

If Fiverr did have a featured listing that required some manual effort from us sellers, you can bet that it would cost, anyway.