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Is this link safe to click?


Edit: Wrong image attached will delete post’

I absolutely hate to be paranoid but is it even remotely safe for me to click the link that the buyer placed in his order?


The first attachment has been reported as it’s obviously a scam.

The second I thought could be but I wasn’t sure (the person placed an order with me just now)

I thought some links were because buyers often send me links, for example this one guy wanted me to do a flyer for him and linked his website, wanting something in the same colour scheme and whatnot. Also read on the forums that dropbox links and flickr links are allowed - but you’re saying ANY links, no matter what, are strictly prohibited?


Reply to @madmoo: Seems like people use these allt he time (links off site) but this link in particular i thought looked extremely suspicious since it was a very similar link that got my password phished and account hacked last time. I reported this to CS but I have yet to recieve a reply, and the report was done nine days ago, so I’m not sure what is going on or why they are taking so long.

What if this person phishes someone elses password in the meantime? :confused: I dont want ANYBODY to have to go through what I went through.