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Is this looks good? Need any change?

Hello There,

I have published a new gig! If you check and review it will help me a lot!
Please comment what you think about it!

Thank You

Here is the Link:

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The 6 hour thing doesn’t wash with buyers any more. You can’t offer a 6 hour delivery, so why put it in your gig description?


Delete the 6 hours thing and provide one cover only.

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Thanks for your suggestion, But will it sale by providing 1 cover only?

OKAY!!! Thank You. Can you suggest me what else I can add in this gig???

yes, by providing more than 1 gives impression that your service is cheap, my opinion.

OK, I will edit it. Can you suggest me what else I can add on it to make it unique?

The preview picture is not catchy!
Try to have a better one or better, get animation video to describe your service.

Yes I was also thinking to make an animation video

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That will help - as long as it is good quality.

Yes it is Obviously Good Quality! No compromise with QUALITY