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Is this message a scam?

Hi can someone tell me, i got this in my inbox, is it a scam?


I am Liu from ******.
I would like to discuss an interesting thing with you.
Do you know Up& work. com?
Would you please help me to create an account on Up&work?
If you help me to create an account under real personal info, I’ll send 100USD per month for the next 3-5 years so you’ll get more than $1200 per year with no work.
($1500 per year, $5000 for 3 years, $10000 for 5 years as a bonus)
After six months, if everything goes well, we can negotiate again.
If you agree, probably you should do the following things:

  1. You give me remote access to your local computer.
  2. I connect to your computer via remote(Teamviewer), and then I or you create an account.
  3. You help me to complete a 5 minutes video verification with an agent on Up&wok in order to fully verify an account.
    As this is a long-term contract, I would like to keep a good relationship with you.
    I will give you a fee surely because the account is on your computer.
    when I use your computer, you can worry about hacking your data.
    So you can use a virtual environment(VMware).
    $ky_pe username - *******
    if you do not agree with my offer, you can introduce your friend.
    please check the following link for more information

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Is this message a scam?

It is, yep.

The Upw*rk scam is one of the most popular on Fiverr.


Oh yes…Lui from China we all know this scammer well lol! Just block the message and don’t give it your energy! Also don’t blame Fiverr- they do a good job catching scammers. I have had this same scammer but with different user names too. Sometimes there is a link to a google doc which of course we are all used to clicking. Then the real stupid story begins! They are clever to do this under the algorithm radar. Always report and block! You are not responsible for the response rate on the messages.


@callmesvetlana, before blocking, reply with a simple “no” (just to avoid hurting your Response Rate) and report the message, directly through Inbox, using the “report” option.


Someone wants you to create a fake account for them and to give them control over your computer, and you need to ask whether it’s a scam?


Woo woooo Lady this guy is a scammer. Report him as soon as possible.


I remember the long, long months of desperately hoping for an order, and then suddenly seeing the Fiverr notification on my phone. At long last! I checked the message, heart brimming with hope, aaand… scam. That happened like 2-3 times. Oddly enough, since I’ve started receiving orders, I haven’t gotten any more scams like this. Do you still get them?


If you block a spam it does not hurt your response rate. I have done it many times.

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Omg yes I have experienced that. I get them all the time. In some weird way I always feel sorry for them.


I can feel your disappointment!

I’m currently taking a break from buying and selling, so I don’t get them at the moment. I might have to send myself one, though, just so I don’t forget what it’s like to use Fiverr.


Yes it’s a scam. Avoid these type of messages.


Looks like spam! Asking you to create a fake account! which is against Fiverr rules & regulation

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Just because it hasn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. In fact, there are many users who have seen their Response Rate plummet exactly for not replying to a spam message before reporting and blocking.


Responding and blocking are two different work flows. You have to constantly monitor your in box and respond either with a block or a simple question, “ Do you need help with a project” if the reply is clearly spam it’s time to block but at least you have replied. I read a post here on the forum that just because a message looks like spam, doesn’t mean that it is spam. Many people from different cultures, even within the United States, have different communication styles. I never forgot that. It made me more aware that just because a sentence is not written perfectly, or the approach seems aggressive, DOES NOT MEAN it’s spam. If you give each and every message the respect it deserves your response rate will remain 100%. If you have an issue, which I have before, reach out to customer service. They have switched my response rate back to 100% because they can see the interaction. Respect each message as if it were the “million dollar order” and you will always be ok. Use your instincts and understand what spam is to begin with.

lol the ‘‘you give me remote access to your local computer’’ is the funniest and stupidest thing a scammer can say.


He’s no longer Lee, he’s Liu now. I wonder what happened.

He was too well known. He needs a fresh start. :laughing:


This is 100% what happened. They went: “They start to suspect something. Let’s rename the guy, the name is the problem here! How many letters can we change?!” :slight_smile:


When you block a buyer it’s automatically reported.

Hey…let’s give little Liu some credit… he actually slipped this line in to let you know he is indeed trying to scam you.

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