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Is this monopoly competitive markert?

sir is this a monopoly markert …bcz there are no any opportunity for new well as earner who ia already earning money continue his process …but what about new comers…they have to wait and give a huge competition for rich aellers …so sad situation


Some sellers are great at this and take off earning a lot of money within the first six months.


This is exactly how competition works.
You have thousands and thousands sellers offering the same thing. And we were al starting at some point and fighting our way up.

Believe me there are a lot people who come here and they have a great start and earn good money since day one. Why? Because they offer an amazing product and their porfokio speaks for itself, and people want to order from them even though they don’t have many reviews.

If you are coming with average quality service then there is no point to blame a competitive marketplace and that someone else doing better job than you.

And never blame others in doing better than you. You never know how much time and effort they invested to be where they are right now.


Lately I’ve noticed a few sellers who make it all the way to top rated sellers after only a year.

If you are good at what you do enough to stand out, you will do well here. No reason to fear competition.


There are 14,000+ gigs offering data entry. There are 2,000+ gigs offering Powerpoint design.

Look at it from a buyer’s perspective. If you were looking to purchase that kind of service, do your gigs look better than the gigs of all the other sellers offering the same service? Is there something about your gigs that makes them stand out among the thousands offering the same thing?


New sellers are promoted on the first search page for a time. I would consider that an advantage. Be sure to stay there by making your gigs the best that they can be. Have an attractive gig picture that is not copied from another seller, write a complete gig description, and an outstanding profile which introduces you to your prospective buyers.

Do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Get to work on your gig page.

I just noticed you have the word “massage” on one of your gig pages. It should be “message.”

image = message

image = massage

If your English is not excellent, buyers may look for a seller that has good English skills.


Will he change it? :question:

It does not really have much to do with what you wrote… I am a newcomer too (since march 2019) and my gig was not even clicked once, yet alone getting a message or an order, Lol… So, it is without a doubt, kind of a monopolized platform more or less regardless of how much you try to polish your profile or gig… Newcomers start the game 1, 2, or even 3 to 0…


Then why have I seen so many newcomers who get lots of orders and rise to the top quickly?



I guess @srhtwp is not only new to Fiverr but also new to doing business and doesn’t know how any type of business is carried out.


@cdarshana and @srhtwp

“Monopoly” is the activity where an individual or a group exploits in exclusivity something (call it merchandise or service). So this concept doesn’t fit into Fiverr as there are hundreds of sellers offering the same kind of service in whatever category you look to.

If anyone enters a saturated market, those who settled first will have an advantage over the newcomers so, obviously, old sellers on Fiverr will be doing better and easier than the new ones as:

  • Rules and conditions were easier and less strict when Fiverr was born.

  • Old sellers have had enough time to gain buyers, build reviews and climb levels.

It happens in Fiverr and it happens in the real world but that doesn’t mean you or anyone can’t do it.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you establish a shoe store and there are already 30 shoe stores nearby all of them selling the same shoes as you. Would it be easy or hard for you to start selling? Do you think it’s just opening your store for a customer to come in and buy from you while you’re sitting back sipping coffee? Does that mean it is monopoly or that it is unfair because you’re starting the game 3 to 0?

You answer these questions and you’ll know what to do.

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Fiverr gives newcomers a boost by featuring their gigs on the first page for a time after they sign up.

It has been the topic of many discussions here on the Forum in the past. Fiverr started doing this a bit over a year ago, many of the established sellers were displaced from their first page search page positions and saw their sales go :arrow_down: . Those established sellers thought it was not fair of Fiverr to feature new sellers in such a way.

Fiverr works to even things up for new sellers, however I read just today in the TOS that poor preforming gigs are not placed as high. So work on your gigs now while you have the advantage of being featured on the first page some of the time. I was on Fiverr for 45 days before I got my first order. In that time I continually worked to perfect my gigs. It has paid off in the end. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love this ^^^, as it shows that work and persistence can pay off on fiverr. I’m sure you also have a great skill set to go with that.


Everybody who is “already earning money continue his process” was a brand new seller with 0 earning one day and everyday a huge number of new sellers start earning. So This is not a monopoly market.

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You have only one gig with the price of $100, and no reviews. It’s unlikely that someone is going to risk spending $100 on a brand new seller, especially since your profile doesn’t list any qualifications.

Also, you’ve only registered this month. Sometimes sellers wait for months until they get their first order.


@srhtwp I was starting my fifth year before raising my prices to $50. No one is buying a brand new seller’s only gig for $100. Be realistic.

Of course you can ask whatever you want but to charge that much for something you would need to be well established.


Most of established sellers started with $5 orders, unlimited revisions and buyers from hell when building a profile. It took weeks for some, months for some, depending — in my experience — on how much you’re willing to compromise, your patience and your work ethic. It’s a process you have to walk yourself through while being realistic in your expectations and responsible, not an automatic update everybody gets just for sticking around.


As others have already said, you need to be patient, hard-working and compromising when you start on Fiverr.

It’s easy to look at some sellers and think “wow, this guys sold 2,000 gigs, if I set one up I could too” but what you don’t see are the countless hours of work & effort. The sleepless nights, the 20 hour marathon shifts and the sheer determination. My first ever gig on Fiverr took me 90 minutes and I charged $5. Considering I’m in the UK, that was less than half minimum wage at the time but I knew I was building towards something bigger and put the effort in.


What exactly have nothing to do with what I wrote?

Anyway, you already got a lot of good arguments in my absence while I was sleeping.

Being less than a month on a platform and already complaining that its monopoly wouldn’t bring much to you. It took me months before I started earning.
You do not open a new business thinking that in the first month you will earn all money in the world without any effort just because you exist.

When you start your own business you invest time and effort and marketing etc. Until it brings results, that’s why it’s so much tougher to be a freelancer, you need to know how to sell your business. If you don’t want to be on fiverr then you can build your own website and see how much you would invest into marketing and promoting it. (And that’s fiverr does for you right now)

Fiverr gives a boost to a newcomers and if you didn’t even have one single click while being on the top of the search then that says something about your gig, service price etc. If you didn’t have that boost yet then you’d better to be prepared for that and have a very well polished competitive and attractive gig.


I just checked, he has not yet.

I charge $50 for what I charged $5 when I first started. I read in the Fiverr Academy, which they do not have anymore, that new sellers have to be ready to sell for much less until they get a number of reviews.

This new seller has already completed his first job.