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Is this necessary for promoting my Gigs in Social Media?

I’ve been reading that one of the best techniques to promote the Gigs is to publish them in different social networks. But, I’m not sure what kind of audience to target outside of Fiverr, because I know that the algorithm of this site gives more visibility to a profile when people click on it, regardless of whether or not your audience sees it.

Now, the question is: Is it necessary for me to make videos or write articles that are focused on people that are related to what I offer or can I talk about any topic that I like and just clicking on my Fiverr link is enough?

I know that many people recommend that social network content should be linked to my services, but the truth is that I think Fiverr promotes your profile by the number of clicks it receives, so I was not sure if I could talk precisely about what I offer or other topics that give me more clicks. I’m sure most of the buyers I had didn’t come to me because they saw me on social networks, that happened because Fiverr promoted my Gigs thanks to clicks others made on them.

For example: Instead of creating videos or writing articles about what I offer, I could upload other topics for a bigger audience (but not related to what I offer), then they click on my Fiverr link and finally, my ranking will be higher.

In my opinion, Fiverr promotes your profile by what is in your information, your buyer´s reviews and the number of clicks your account receives from Social Media.

What do you think? What’s a better idea?


The best option I prefer is to do a keyword research and then setup a google adwords for your target audience. I bet you’ll achieve great results.

The people who buy my Gigs aren´t followers from my Social Networks. Most buyers don’t register at Fiverr to send me work, they are already people who are previously looking for that service before I register. The page gives you ranking depending on the clicks they make and the good comments they leave you.

If Fiverr ranks profiles according to the clicks people make on your links, I think there wouldn’t be so much need to focus on an audience that is interested in the topics you offer, but I could create content for a larger type of audience, after they click on my links and finally Fiverr’s algorithm positions me faster for those who are already registered on the site.

For example, if I create a Youtube channel or a Facebook page and publish content related to a larger audience than is my target (like talking about pets) I would receive many more clicks and people inside Fiverr looking for translations (the service I offer) would see my profile and consequently have higher sales.

In my personal case, all the buyers I had didn’t see me because I posted my services on social networks, but they were already registered before me and Fiverr helped me thanks to the clicks I had from other people regardless of whether they are from my niche or not.

In my opinion, there is no real answer to my question because nobody knows how the Fiverr algorithm really works.

I think I could do both things and see what happens: Talk about my services and then create content for a much larger audience and then everyone clicks on my Gigs. I will have better rankings.

It seems to me that Fiverr not only gives importance to the opinions that your buyers leave you and how you have your profile. Your ranking is going to be greater or not depending on how many people have seen your Gigs, regardless if they are from your niche or not.