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Is this new hype? rising talent selling in high price

Recently I see a lot of NEW Seller with Rising Talent badge offering their gig at a high price, just like those PRO.

Is this a new hype for new seller nowadays?
So we continue selling our best selling gig starting below $100 is not a wise decision anymore?

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I would say if the new sellers are doing it successfully, why cant you? Maybe its time to up those prices :sunglasses:

But asking for something and actually making sales are 2 different things, does it look like they are getting a lot of sales?

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Rarely have any sales for these new sellers, that’s why I doubting their decision.

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Ya, i wouldnt raise prices based on that. You can test things out, raise your prices a little, see if you get some jobs, work less + make more :slight_smile: if not just lower your prices again

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It’s not likely that a new seller with no reviews is going to get any sales with those kinds of prices.

There are new sellers who don’t have a clue what to do to make a sale and I would put those into that category.


This rising talent feature doesn’t make a lot of sense… They have 0 reviews and ‘Rising Feature’. It would be logic that those buyers should have a bunch of orders in a short time from the moment they made their gig. When having 0 reviews and prices like $500 it gets suspicious… seems like a bad ‘pro’ badge.

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this badge must applies to those seller who new to fiverr and make some really good sales in there starting days.
Fiverr Support team must consider rising talent to those people who achieve a no. of sales in a specific days

Well, as you well know, Fiverr is seeking to encourage sellers to raise their prices, and move away from the “everything is $5” model. I’m not sure why it would be wrong for a new, vetted seller to choose to price themselves at a higher level. They are allowed to do that.


I think the point is to make Pro sellers look like a bargain. The rising talent and ‘this seller has more repeat customers than other sellers’ message is infuriating. Also, what on Earth is with this new trend of high-priced sellers just using walls of text in gig descriptions?

Most of the time when I click these rising talent gigs, there is no paragraph spacing in descriptions. A lot are also litered with spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s like looking into a parallel universe called Planet of the Mek-Sellers.


Exactly what I thought.