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Is this new? Review your experience with this buyer


Has this always been like this or is it a new layout?


Hi @misscrystal, no, it’s not new, to the best of my knowledge it’s always been like that. It’s how we sellers rate or reply to our buyers.

I can’t remember if it may have looked a little different some time ago but to me it doesn’t.


This is not new. Maybe a makeover? LOL, who knows. I never really pay attention to this kinda stuff.


It’s probably because I don’t bother to look at my reviews too often that it looks new to me.


First time I have seen that was today - in a recent delivery.


I think it is new, I noticed yesterday that. But, only new is text in “textbox” I think.


Nothing new here they just added placeholder text review input box.


I think it’s new, too. I rated one customer (5 stars) to see what would happen. My text showed like a normal response to a review. It doesn’t make sense there as it looks like a response to their review for me when it’s actually a review of them. I checked the client’s profile page - it did not show any stars.
So, I like the idea in spirit - we should have a way to warn other sellers that this buyer has a negative history (or alternatively, is a fantastic client!), but it’s not there yet, IMO.


Nothing new! but the text I think! I remember a time when Fiverr had the thumbs up, thumbs down system… anyone else remember that?