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Is this new type of scam from buyer

one of my buyer contact me from another id and ask me to deliver her project on that new i’d as she has lost her old i’d password from which the order was made. I have told her that i will deliver your order on that old i’d and once the ordered is marked as complete on old I’d i will further give your project on new one. Is that fine or its a type of new scam?


Sounds like a scam to get work for free. If you deliver to the new one but not the old one, they can claim the order was never delivered and cancel payment on the old account.


I’ve seen a few forum topics regarding these recently. Stick to delivering to the account that ordered the gig. Then screenshot the messages from the new account they used and send to Fiverr Help and Support. They should be able to help you from there.


thanks for your reply Mark. i have also delivered a file that doesn’t contain the actual project from the id which the order was generated

thanks wolfhowler. i have delivered a file(which doesn’t contain the actual project) from which the order was generated so it will be mark as complete in 3 days. can i give the original file after order is marked as complete

Definitely. And you only ever submit a job via the delivery button.

It also it doesn’t make sense. No reason buyer couldn’t recover their login


She can ask Fiverr to help her recover her password. That’s not your responsibility. Sounds fishy to me - might be harmless, but I’d tell her tough luck and to take it up with Fiverr CS, personally.


This is surely a scam…as i lost my password once and was able to recover it easily…dont fall in these type of scams


You have to deliver the completed work on the order page (to the account that has placed the order). If you have delivered fake files on the order page, that’s a Terms of Service violation, and you could get banned for it.


yes, would i used the button to deliver my project again on same id from which the order was generated. will this be fine.

I’m not sure what you’re saying.

If you have delivered the full completed work via the Deliver Now button on the order page, then yes, that’s what you’re supposed to do.


first i have delivered a file not containing the actual work but after which i have used delivered again button to deliver the actual work. Is that fine?

Yes, it should be fine.

Remember not to deliver something that’s not actual work again.

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Sure i will. thanks mate.

Looks like a scam to me. Before you deliver your order report it to CS.

i have made a delivery now but after my order is marked as complete. i will deliver the files on her new i’d as well.

This is definitely a scam.

There is only one way to deliver an order on Fiverr. By clicking the “Deliver Now” button on the Order Page.

If you send the information to any other User you have not fulfilled your obligation as a seller to do the project within the timeline provided.

Your order will be cancelled and your stats will be wrecked.

If its me, I will do the job and deliver the normal way. I don’t have any basis to conclude that the person I am now chatting with on the new chat is the same person that ordered.

Conclusively deliver your order in the normal way and contact CS.

yes i have made a delivery like normal from which the order was generated. I have told the buyer that once the order is marked as complete in 3 days i will give you the files to your new I’d as well.