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Is this normal or did I lose my money?


I purchased a gig from a seller. It was a total of 3. He delivered two, but when I logged in today to get an update on the third, I couldn’t find his account. It says his page doesn’t exist and neither his gigs.
But when I look at my inbox messages with him, it says that he was last seen 6 hours ago. Is that normal or did he delete his account?


Maybe he got banned.
If he is not able to deliver then order can be cancelled and money will be returned to your Fiverr balance.

You can write to customer service and make sure the correct steps will be taken. CS can probably cancel the order right way.

If the user did get banned then you might wish to review your vetting process. If you don’t know how to pick a good seller then you can describe the service you’re looking for and we might be able to recommend you some great sellers.


I thought he was good. He was the only one with a 5.0 rating with 19 written reviews. Maybe I should wait to see if he replies back. Thanks.


I don’t see how waiting for a reply from the seller (which you are probably never going to get) would help… considering the seller’s Fiverr profile/account doesn’t even exist anymore. :thinking:

However, I recently came across a post about a seller who had already received 2 warnings from Fiverr and had lost complete access to their account: they only had partial access. Apparently, although s/he was not capable of interacting with new buyers or accepting new orders, they could still complete the pending orders in queue and communicate with existing buyers via the order page. They had also mentioned that when someone did a search for their profile/gigs, they got a “this profile doesn’t exist anymore” message. So, if your seller suffered a similar fate, there might still be hope. Your seller might still be able to contact you… idk. :crossed_fingers:

However, as uxreview suggested, the best thing to do right now would be to contact CS.


If the account is closed then you won’t get a reply.
I would recommend contacting customer service so that you can get it properly cancelled and move on to another seller.


Ok. Thanks for the reply. I did email CS, I just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience.