Is this normal?


Can I know whether this is normal? I am new to Fiverr anyway and it seems to be allowing me to have a great income… :slight_smile:


My attachments are acting weird… anyone have experience with this? When I’ve uploaded it doesn’t show up, then sometimes I end up with multiple attachment images… wtf…


These are my conversion rates, nowhere near as high a conversion rate, but lots of views apparently.


My conversion rates are much lower, but I’ve earned almost 300$ in my first month… :slight_smile: I haven’t levelled up yet though, despite having amazing reviews, anyone else had this problem? I’ve been active for more than 30 days and have excellent ratings, no orders cancelled and fast turnover times, so I’m a bit disappointed.


That’s awesome! You’ll be at Level 2 in no time! :slight_smile:



78% conversion rate… That’s incredible.


Are you sending people to that link for the purpose of ordering. Generally, that conversion rate is so high it means that you’re not getting enough traffic :slight_smile:


I assume this is for your 1200 word article. That’s a GREAT offer. That really helps.


thank you all @kjblynx , @bbetrio3, @voiceoverwork , @anarchofighter: thanks :smiley: now it’s 82.6% ! :slight_smile:

It’s obviously for my 1200 word article gig and it seems that the customers who land on my gig, end up ordering my gig…

@anarchofighter, no way mate I never send my link to anyone. It’s just pure Fiverr traffic. :slight_smile:


From my experience, fast delivery increases orders TREMENDOUSLY. Due to a pretty busy schedule, I don’t have the chance to offer this but I do writing gigs here as well and when I decrease the delivery time, the more I do so… the higher up the order count goes. Well that, and you offer almost double and a half of an average article length so that’s a plus. Congrats though, you must have picked out a very niche’ targeted keyword whether by accident or not and I am sure being on the recommended list for the category helps, too. I pop in and out of it often!


Hard for me to understand why a gig title with “SEO article” in it would have so few impressions. Seems like that would have thousands of impressions. Weird?



I started the gig as an express gig, but due to the higher number of orders I got, I had to increase the number of days required for completion of an order. Thanks. How do I get to that recommended list? And no it’s not accidental :slight_smile:


Well I do not know much about that. However now the conversion rate has climbed up to 91.3%. How’s that?



Let me know when you get to 110%.


Wow…thats awesome !



sure :stuck_out_tongue:


hehe thanks :slight_smile:


I did visit your profile and seems like you paused your Gig. I only see your “Write a unique 600 word SEO article” with 9 sales. Can’t handle it anymore? :wink:



huh? No way bro! There are 11 orders in my queue at the moment and I am trying to finish them all. No way I won’t pause it. :slight_smile: And I am currently doing a non ordered gig and the buyer will buy order 14 times on 12th of November which will be a big boost to my orders.

Now my conversion rate is 95.7%!

Does it mean that the 95.7% of the people who visit my profile end up buying my gig?? I am curious!

P.S : I changed my gig from 1200 words to 600 words due to the number of orders I got. I am doing this in a part time basis.


Reply to @kjblynx: oh… :slight_smile:


Wow Great ! . Congrats! :slight_smile:


Nice to see the comments. BUT I’m still waiting for an order! :frowning: :frowning: