Is This Normal?


Hello Fiverr’s

I have a gig + Extra (I do it in just 1 Day) that I delivred it , but the timer still working !!

And I have a message “YEEHAAA! HERE’S YOUR DELIVERY!” "This order will be marked as complete in 3 days."

The Gig will marked as complete in 3 days , but why the timer go down !?,

I want to know if the time gone ot 00:00:00 , I will have Late Message or it stay normal ?

(sorry for my bad english lol)

Thank You


Wow , It was a BUG !!! I Click “DELIVER NOW” Button again , And I Type Some text And Now It Done !!

‘Please have a solution for thes bug , this will be risk for sellers ^^’


Yes, it’s a bug. Just open another browser and check it, and you’ll see it’s gone. :wink:


Another bug I discovered was, Email Notification. Yesterday I received my 1st Fiverr Order, But I didn’t receive the notification email even today.


Reply to @luikangmk: LOL , Fiverr have alot of gigs and visitors , that what makes fiverr something slow!. :confused:


Reply to @thepromogirl: Yes I Clicked “DELIVER NOW” Button and I have done it :wink:


This happened to me too… I actually ended up delivering about 5 times :wink: but in the end it worked…