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Is this not unfair on part of Fiverr?



I have an order completed with a seller. I delivered the product to the customer but the customer did not reply in 3 days and after 3 days Fiverr marked the order completed.

As I am at initial stage (No level) user and need ratings and review desperately, so will need a buyer must review and rate the order.

In view of this case I have lost a rating (and review). Is this not unfair that FIverr do not count in stats those orders which are left unrated or unreviewed.

In case my buyer would have rated or reviewed this order, I would have 11 orders reviews, ratings, but as he have not opted for that, I have 10 orders reviews.

Today I got my first order!

Some buyer do not like to give review, when you deliver your order you have done your work.
Do not insist the buyer to give you review.


You are right. But this deprives seller of getting any credit of his work (good reputation) on which he may attract more buyers.


True but what can we do, it is totally up to the buyer to give review or not.



Unfortunately, sellers do not have the right to a review after the completion of each order. It is up to the buyer if they want to post a review or not. Some buyers just don’t want to post a review. We can’t do anything about it. If you were to ask the buyer for a review, the buyer could even report the message as spam, and you could even risk losing your account.

After completion of an order, the only thing that is rightfully the seller’s is the money they earned from the order… nothing else. :sunny:

I know… it can be very frustrating to have worked so hard on this order and to have not gotten a review in the end. However, since you don’t really have a say in this, you can’t really consider it a loss. All sellers experience this. It is not only you who has this issue. You are not being discriminated against in any way. It is a level playing field for all sellers. If I were you, I’d just move on and focus on my next order.

Yes, you’re right. It is ABSOLUTELY not unfair. == It is fair.


How is this unfair? You are getting the money for your work.

About the review its up to the buyer wheter he wants to leave a feedback or not! Also order complete after 3 days is to give you your money. The buyer still has 30 days to leave feedback which he can do!

You can message them to remind if they don’t want to leave a review you can’t force them to do so.


You didn’t lose it because you never had it. This isn’t unfair in any way by Fiverr.


You Are right… it is frustrating for many sellers.

I never said, that this is only happening to me. I said took it as the case of all sellers on fiver.

I never stopped for that and completed several more orders after that.


You are right.

Is there any reason for Fiverr to use the review , rating system. Yes of course, there is a purpose and that is beyond the money you get from the order. Reviews and ratings are also the right of the sellers which is that " a seller must be given credit for his work so that it may attract him more business"


See… This is where you are wrong. A review is not a seller’s right. Well, if you want to argue that… The buyer could also argue saying it is their right to decide whether to post a review or not. Why should they be forced to post a review? If I go to a shoe store and if I am FORCED to post an online review of the store, I would NEVER go to that store never ever ever again… even if they sold Yeezys at 90% discount. The same goes with buyers on Fiverr, too. If they were FORCED to do things they don’t want to do, they will just leave; Fiverr will be the one to suffer.

So, will Fiverr make it mandatory for buyers to post a review after completion of every order? Impossible…

Will you be penalized if you were to ask your buyer for a review?

Well, the fact that you created a topic on this contradicts your statement. You are still stuck thinking about this order. It hurts you so much that, despite having completed several more orders, you went back to pondering over an already completed order from the recent past. That’s why I said:

Have a nice day. :snowflake:


Instead of thinking “I have lost a review,” think “I have lost a bad review.”

I get that you need ratings, but you need ratings from people that want to rate you, not from those that don’t. As we say in America, “let sleeping dogs lie.”

Consider this, I have 4474 reviews, out of 7,450 completed orders. So you see? Not everyone rates me.


No, the buyer doesn’t have to leave a review. It’s up to them whether they want to leave a review or not, and trying to force them to rate your work would annoy them, and possibly make them leave you a lower rating.

No rating is better than low rating.

Fiverr reminds buyers to leave a review. Twice. Sellers messaging buyers and reminding them to leave reviews are just annoying.


Buyer doesn’t have to review the gig, is up to him or her to leave a review, when an order is automatically marked complete you gig is over.


Agree, but what if buyers doesn’t give review purposefully (may be he/she not satisfied with the work done, thinking giving no review is better than less rating)…is there any way buyers looses any reputation ?


Buyers can have a million of reasons to not leave a feedback and it will not hurt him by not doing it.


But Fiverr gives choice to a buyer! Wheter he wants to leave a feedback. If it was compulsary then Fiverr would create a system that will not allow the buyer to move before leaving a feedback. Like the way they introduced blind Feedback system now the sellers have to leave feedback or either wait 10 days.

The right of seller is to get the money from his work! Others things are just to optional.

I remember I once had a buyer who told me that I don’t want to leave feedback because I am not fully satsfied with work. He even told that I might give you negative feedback but your were humble and calm that is why I will not rate you! So you never know what the reason is!

Some hate it and some don’t want to waste time on these as they are busy once work done or assigned they come back after weeks and just check and go.


Yes, I know that! I just told him that if he is so eager to get feedback just annoy them LOL! I used to do so but now I don’t ask more than once that is at the end of order.