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Is this ok.....!


Hi, i am a creative content writer. I have already written lots of content for many famous websites…Can you tell me if anything i need to correct in my profile…"“My name is Taposh Kapuria. I am a regular writer at famous blog TalkAndTalkers. I have already written original and unique content for famous websites,blogs and for content marketers. My most of the content is well SEO optimized. Don’t go anywhere until you are using my service.”" For more


Success sells. If you’ve written for many famous websites, put screen prints of those articles in your sample section. If you were a customer, who would you buy from: somebody who SAYS they’re a great writer (which anyone can do), or somebody who has proven experience writing for websites?

You’d pick the latter, obviously. As would we all.


It’s more about the niche being oversaturated in my opinion.

Maybe you should go for extremely good offers until you gain enough 5-star ratings - as for example doing 1200 words instead of 500.

In our case we’re not doing it since our writers have enough work anyway (and 1200+ words with the actual quality advertised means at least 2 hours of work which we cannot afford). But if you are really keen on succeeding in this niche only I strongly suggest that you do something really exclusive in order to stand out from the crowd.


You could change the text to “the famous blog” if you really want to keep that line. The other glaring fix would be to change to something like: Most of my content is SEO optimized. Even better, re-write the sentence since SEO already has the O to stand for optimization.

I tried to make some suggestions for more gig categories on your other thread. I wish you lots of sales and income, but I don’t think your content gig is likely to do great. I looked up your blog to see if I could suggest something you could offer, like guest post opportunities on your blog. I wasnt able to view the site correctly because my tablet isn’t compatible with it. I’d still recommend looking at all the Fiverr categories and brainstorm for ideas. :slight_smile:


I do not see a problem with this. You should be fine.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for your help…And i will do it definitely…


Take care and do not click the link in @webdangol223 post. That is probably phishing.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks bro… I have re written my profile. Now, if still there is any problem, please tell me…


Reply to @contentmachines: I do not help people who send spam to my inbox! Especially spam that advertises off-Fiverr links!


Reply to @sara1984: How can i add my sample work in my gig…I have already written article for i2mag,making different,talkandtalkers, bloggingways, allbloggingways, tricksmachine, geekdashboard and much more.


Reply to @inet_solutions: Good to see you here…


Reply to @inet_solutions: Your gig description is quite impressive.


Reply to @mystic_insight: Thanks. Good to see you here.


Reply to @contentmachines:

Take a screen print and add it as a photo. It will look a lot better than what most people have up on their gigs.


Reply to @sara1984: Will do that…