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Is this Person Trying To Spam Us Here?!

Hello everyone, Today, when I first opened the buyer request section, I saw two buyer requests from the same user and the same thing written in the description. The request had a link to a youtube video. This is what it looked like:

I am really suspicious that this user is trying to spam people. And I also think that I have seen a buyer request with the same video link in the description many times before.

Why are they doing this? Are they doing this to increase their youtube video’s watch time or something?

And this is what I saw in that videos comments:

What’s going on here?

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Yeah, you’re right. They’re most likely trying to increase their view count or watch time by luring sellers into watching their video by offering the tempting possibility of receiving a relatively large order, judging by the budget. It must be a very slow way of doing it, though.


Yeah,I’ve seen a few links to poor quality YouTube videos with very low view count with something along the lines of “love this so much, need exactly the same thing”.
Uh-huh. There’s no way I’m going to believe you found this video with 48 views and fell in love with this mediocre thing.

Ohh No…! I wasted my 2 BRs… :slightly_frowning_face: :disappointed_relieved:

I saw two buyer requests in my niche today with similar sentences and high offer price for its job task. I have my doubts, so I never bother with them since it sounds very much like desperate people trying to get views on their videos. Seems like my intuition was right. :joy: