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Is this possible as a seller to get protection from Fiverr?

It actually is!

Buyers get invoices from Fiverr and not from sellers. Sellers may produce invoices in the name of Fiverr, not to individual buyers. Fiverr controls the conversation. Fiverr can choose to cancel an order whenever and on its own discretion.

It ticks all the boxes to qualify as the middleman.


To answer your initial question:

Nope. Sellers get pretty much no protection from Fiverr.

To avoid situation like these, try not to take up big projects from new clients. Do a (small) test order first and see how they react after the initial delivery.That will give you an idea of their attitude and personality. And the loss would be negligible if anything goes south.

In this case, you may want to voice the issue on Social Media. Just tag Fiverr’s official Twitter handle and see if they respond. Especially since you have a proof of the buyer using your work. The trick has worked a couple times. But it doesn’t work always.

Whatever happens ~ Don’t let this one experience lower your moral.
Keep up the great work.

P.S. Get Grammarly. It’s free.



Thanks for the tips and respond.
That’s really what I mean…but still frustrated…first threaten from buyer then writing hopelessly to Fiverr. It is necessary to hear both side when it want to judge cancel the order!

Header note: I am NOT defending Fiverr here. Fiverr is taking on a role that, bluntly, they’re terrible at. This post is for the purpose of a small correction in understanding a word.

Fiverr is a third-party, but no, they’re not (by the dictionary definition) middlemen.

Fiverr neither holds the goods, nor arranges the deals.
Fiverr is an Escrow system.


Unless you meant ‘mediator’?


Hey thanks for respond. You are NOT defending I know. I saw some of your reply from other post too.

Middleman or agent or platform…whatever it is not a blog which no one intervene order/seller/buyer? And it get 20% commissions.

In my case Fiverr canceled the order without inform me when buyer and me still negotiating…honestly I never expect Fiverr has power to do this…

Thanks for the tips and respond.
That’s really what I mean…but still frustrated…first threaten from buyer then writing hopelessly to Fiverr. It is necessary to hear both side when it want to judge cancel the order!

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As a seller who has been here for a long time, I have experienced several times like yours. My advice, forget it and start building this business even better in the future.

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You are somehow right. However if it is the system/way what Fiverr did, same things gonna happen in the future.

Indeed, you are likely to have the problem repeated again, as a seller, you can only try to do your best. Minimizing risk by working better and establishing good relationships with customers. There are still more good buyers than bad buyers. Good luck

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I’m sorry, but Google is best suited for general informational purposes only. Their hints should not be used for legal terms.

Here is the short form of a standard definition from Investopedia:

What Is a Middleman?

The term middleman is an informal word for an intermediary in a transaction or process chain. A middleman, or intermediary, will facilitate interaction between parties, typically for a commission or fee. Some critics say that businesses and customers should try to “cut out the middleman” by dealing directly with each other, avoiding any increased costs or commissions.

Source: Middleman Definition

Does Fiverr charge a commission? Yes.

But even if we go by the Google definition…

Read it again:

Means, it’s Fiverr that sells stuff to the buyer and not the individual sellers. Regardless of whether a buyer buys from you or me or a course from Fiverr Learn, their tax records would say

Means, it’s Fiverr that buys the produce here. Not the end buyer. Regardless of whether I sell to you or Elon Musk, my tax records would have to say

More commentary:

The word Escrow is a trademark of Escrow . com. Just like Gig and Gigs are trademarks of Fiverr. An escrow system should not control the communication channel between the two entities and they don’t.

But Fiverr does it. They control the conversation to the heights of what you can and cannot say, where you can say it, and when! It’s not an escrow system.


I’m sorry but this comment is totally false…

Fiverr holds the delivery for three days – and introduces buyers with sellers. It does both!

And, nope, I didn’t mean a mediator. Mediators do not make the decision and grant a cancellation of order. Their job is only to work as a communication channel and help two parties come to a common resolution or agreement. They certainly should NOT be biased.

while Fiverr is biased.

P.S. I know you’re not trying to defend Fiverr. But I had to defend my argument so… whatever I have said here is for informational purposes only.

Over and out.



Bravo, actually, and you have changed my mind a bit. Fiverr is middleman, a very strange and non-traditional variant of a middleman, but a middleman nonetheless.

I agree with everything but this.

The word is far older than that.

Source: Escrow - Wikipedia

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To be honest, i am agree with you. I really really love the good buyer I ever met here in Fiverr. I worked and prepared extra for them even a $5 order.

I really don’t mind about actually how much time I put into if I feel/know they are reasonable and honest.