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Is this possible for the seller to cancel the order?

Hello Guys,

I had very bad experience with the buyer last night. And i want to share with you all guys.

I had a order, with 5 days delivery.

When buyer made an order he just start tell me what is progress on the order? even few hours after order. well that is fine.

But he was keep asking me what is update and start telling me I am lazy like words etc.


I thought buyer is in urgency i should start work otherwise order will get lead to the cancellation and that is something every seller avoid from couple of months as per fiverr new updates.

So i start work and i was keep doing update to the buyer. There was need for some social media links. Buyer said he will provide me later.

After couple of hours buyer send me links for social media and i place them on the web page.
I sent him link again to check the live landing page as usual i do before delivering the order.

Now here he change is mind he start telling to change the layout here and there and he start telling me bad words.

I simple sent him cancellation request. i mentioned i cant do the job, kindly cancel the order. But he did not accept the cancellation request.

he said we both have spend time on order so lets close the order and go on.

I just delivered the order and mentioned, please confirm the delivery, i will send you download link for the source files.

But he never accept the deliver and start abusing me like nothing.

I have then send him more than 5 cancellation request he denied he never accept my cancellation at the same time i open support ticket with fiverr support team. They replied after 3 to 4 hours as usual.

After rejecting the cancellation requests buyer mark the order complete and post a negative review.
on other side Support team cancelled the order.

I tried to explain the situation with screen shots with support team but they simply told me Feedback will be not remove.

So here I feel insecure as seller does not have hold on order, even if seller deliver the work, and buyer receive the work Buyer can still post negative feedback and take full refund.

I think somehow I am not happy with feedback system anyone can pay $5 and leave the negative review without any reason.

At the end I lost the money and i got negative feedback.

The worst thing is in feedback, buyer is mentioning he lost his $26 dollar, even that is not the case, and calling me with bad words but as per the fiverr TOS buyer or seller cant use bad words.

I am attaching also a screenshot for the feedback.

Please sellers if you think there is requirement of cancellation do not deliver the order at any cost. Simply send cancellation request.

If you mistakenly deliver the gig then you dont have control over the order at all. Buyer can leave negative review at any time and then he can get refund from the support team.



So Sad that was your bad day


oops ,its so sad for ,but it can be happens to anyone …,

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Yes guys its so SAD :frowning:

Please don’t spam!

If you’d like some help, please post in the ‘Improve My Gig Section’. :sunny:

so sad dear this type of customer doesn’t gain a seller.

really unfortunate situation. but I think you should remove the name of the buyer from your screenshot. Try to get the good things out of every bad experience; next time you receive an order like this you know what to do.

well tried for next time .

Dear not only you. people feel shame to share their bad experience. I also have a bad experience i got 1 bad review with negative comment without any reason also canceled by fiverr. Fiverr update their system, is it good for both of us or only for buyers i don’t know. We all know that fiverr still updating day by day. So, all we have to do is wait for that update where we both (buyer & seller) will be happy for their service & support when we need them most.

Please note that to avoid cancellation or bad review seller must justify buyer’s behavior before accept or send offer, as buyer did with sellers. It’s for our own good.

So sad dear…

I’m not sad about it. That situation makes me who i’m now & who i’ll become. So, You must learn from our mistake & make a better position by providing your best service.

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you should have cancelled order by contacting customer support before deliverying if he was not accepting

Vary bad experience, sorry friend, any way we will alert than, thank for share.