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Is this possible or am I being a bit paranoid?


I am receiving lately messages that are strange and the content as follows:

  • Some say: Hi I want to be your friend, how are you? and then when I open the message, it says The user may not be contacted at this moment
  • Another says: I have a business to do with you, contact me (email). And when I open the message it says The user may not be contacted at this moment

I reported all of them, but I also noticed my response rate % is going down quickly, is this a trick used by some sellers to lower other seller’s response time? because I do respond to all inquiries except to these weird messages which I can’t even reply to due to The user may not be contacted at this moment

Does anyone else think, that there is a relationship between these messages and the drop of response rate %? Or I am just being a bit paranoid? And what could be the reasons for the drop in response rate since I respond all inquiries within less than 2 hours?


You are seeing this because there is a high possibility that these are the fake accounts. AND Fiverr banned them. But for the automatic software or something like that they use to calculate the response time of seller it was still a genuine conversation and you didn’t replied… that’s why your response rate is going down.

Just contact Fiverr Support. they will fix it for you.


I got one of those messages probably a week ago, but my response rate is still 100%
it may be the system bug, many of us had a problem with that case you should contact CS


I know there was a relation for me. I asked CS to reset my rate on those occasions (which they did :)) and they told me I need to report such messages to not affect my rate.
Which I had done, but yet it had affected my rate, I think it’s maybe a bug that doesn’t affect all accounts, else they should be more aware that it does, or change the canned reply to include that it’s possible one did already as they told one to do and yet to be affected ;).
After 2 rounds of that, I resorted to first replying and then, if needed, to report, or to even unblock if already blocked when looking at it, reply and report, to save my response rate from that :bug: respectively my and CS’s time.