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Is this possible?

Please it’s urgent.
Is this possible, as a buyer can change his given review for an order?

If you’d like your buyer to change a review, you can do this through the resolution centre on the order page.

The buyer can’t change a review without you, as the seller, initiating the process.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a buyer who can barely use any English who mistakenly left a 3.7 star review. She got another order at the same time and left a 5 star review on that one.

I asked if she meant to leave 3.7 stars and she said no but since it was two weeks later the resolution center option had closed and I couldn’t use that to ask her to change it.

Customer support first told me to tell her to use the resolution center, and I told them it was too late for that, and they said to tell her to contact them about it but her English is so bad I’m sure she won’t understand. This was after I sent them the screenshot of her saying it was a mistake.

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and got 5 star.

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That’s great! :slightly_smiling_face: