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Is this possible

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Please some body explain me this.

I’ve moved your post to conversations as I can’t see anything to rant about.

There are many sellers with lots of great feedback - it’s entirely possible! :sunny:

Great service, repeat clients etc.

Replacing old gigs is sensible - that’s why the current gigs have fewer feedbacks than you may be expecting?

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Its very clear.

3333 reviews are not related with one GIG.
you can see there are many GIGS.

and may this seller deleted also old GIGS.

There is no issue.


New Seller is a bug. The rest is obviously possible. If you go the graphic designing section, you’ll see some with 49k reviews or somewhat similar


No what he is asking here is about the badge the seller has up to 3500 reviews and all I can see here is (new seller)…
Maybe its a bug I don’t know but this definitely got my attention:thinking:

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Must be a bug - I just visited the seller’s profile and there’s nothing that says ‘New Seller’ on that gig.

Edited - yes I can see it - sorry!

Possible explanation? The seller doesn’t seem to have any level badge, so perhaps they’ve been removed, hence the ‘new seller’?


That’s right. He did break the ToS probably and removed his levels. There are a few sellers on the front page of Logo Design category that are “New Sellers” or “Level 1”. And they used to be Level 2.

is the level badge is removed by fiverr or any option present on seller profile to select as new seller

There’s no option as a seller to remove a badge as far as I’m aware, so it must have been removed by Fiverr.

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Looks like he is not aware of it himself.

If Fiverr have removed his level badges, he’ll be more than aware! :wink:

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Perhaps, he is too busy.

No - Fiverr sends sellers messages/warnings etc. about anything like that.

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Why are you so concerned about someone else’s account?

If he hasn’t copied your account or doing anything illegal, it’s best not to “out” someone on public forum,

But the thing is, that is questionable, if he is an old seller and he removed his previous gigs, then why he is showing as New Seller? I couldn’t understand this feature of fiverr. He should be like level two or top rated even if he deleted his old Gigs

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gina_riley2 i don’t have any concern with else account but here is some thing different there for i asked the fiverr community to explain me that thing