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Is This Review Manipulation?

Suppose that instead of clicking “deliver now,” I do the following:

“Hi, this is your preliminary delivery. If you’re 100% satisfied, I will make the final delivery.”

Would this be OK? Are other buyers doing it?

My 60-day rating finally climbed to 4.7 and I got an order. I don’t want to get a 1-star review after waiting ages for that miracle to happen.

My order completion rate is 97%, so I don’t think a refund would hurt me too much at this point.

What do you think?


Your message suggests that what you are delivering is not the finished product. @ssj1236 recently received an account waning for sending a similar kind of delivery message.

It’s really just best to say “here is your finished order, I hope this helps.” - Or something like that, even though it seems a little sharp from a customer service perspective.


Really? But I didn’t use the deliver button, I just send it within the order in “type your message here.”

I think people get in trouble when they do empty deliveries, when they click “deliver now” but aren’t deliver something that is complete.

You tell me.


My bad, I miss-read this as you saying this was going to be your new delivery message.

Personally, I still wouldn’t risk it. However, my reasons would be that I don’t like inviting revisions anymore than I do vampires round for dinner.


Why couldn’t you just say… “Here’s what I’ve been working on so far. What do you think?” They’ll give you input during the process, and you’ll know what to deliver. Why would you need to suggest anything by way of a “preliminary delivery”?


This sounds much better. @fastcopywriter you should really go with something similar to this.


It should be ok but these days I can’t even safely mention the company name of one of my clients as it contains the words 5 Star.
I even get jitters when ordering from Four Star Pizza.
What you say and how you say it is very important and I think Jon’s suggestion is better too.

Side Note: Apparently only saying 4 or 5 star gets flagged so perhaps its ok to say “please give me a [Sum:2+3] star review”


this is a reason for getting a warning for partial delivery …

I absolutely would not use the word “delivery” (reserve that for the delivery message of the actual delivery via Deliver button).

Even if it should be clear what you mean, given context and circumstances, it might not be clear to the customer or a bot or a support person looking at your message, and it is the term Fiverr uses for sending the finished order to customers and there’s too much room for misunderstandings. Words matter, and sometimes they matter much. You’re far better off using something like Jon suggested and that doesn’t sound like review manipulation either but just like a normal step in a normal workflow, communicating with a customer.


No don’t say that. … I would just deliver it and hold your breath to see what they rate you.

I like it.

I can tell you that my client asked for a revision, so I gave it to him and then did a final delivery. I hope I get a good review.


I hope so too…

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One situation I can think of and perhaps the ONLY time it’s acceptable to deliver incomplete is when you deliver on a gig that has “live portfolio” turned on. If the project has some words or images that might offend someone, because of the context perhaps taken out of context. I deliver an uncensored version, after that I deliver the censored version. This makes the censored version the one prospective buyers hear or see in the live portfolio. Then again I’m delivering both versions so it’s mute.
This of course has nothing to do with ratings.

I usually say something to the tune of, “Here’s your completed order! If you need anything else, if you have an questions or concerns, please let me know!” While this doesn’t scream an invitation for revisions, it lets clients feel like they can request a small change rather than leave a subpar review.


When the live portfolio is turned on, just click the “X” next to the image or pdf if applicable, and it won’t go in your live portfolio.

With that said, only certain files become part of the portfolio. Word documents never make it to the live portfolio, PDF files do. Same goes for jpeg’s and maybe png’s.

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I add " if you wish to add kind words etc…this helps my gigs thrive.

Something like that

But I’d be careful with that in case Fiverr thinks that might be prompting them to leave a positive review.

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Yes I understand, but it’s not really

you could get a warning because of this… in my opinion at least .

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Apologies for reviving an old topic, but I have a question.

Suppose I wrote:

"If you are happy with my work, I can deliver now.
If you need a revision or are unhappy, let me know. "

Is this allowed? Would Fiverr consider it review manipulation? I’m thinking that if a client said he was unhappy, I would simply refund the order.

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