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Is this right to you?

A client send me a message for a work, in two hour I don’t responde
and he proceed to make an order.
The conversation moves under the order.
In 2 hour I respond to him and I make the job like always.
In the end I recive a 5 stars review.
BUT in my inbox remain a message of the client where I didn’t responde.
I didn’t notice the issue and my responce rate go down 89%.
Enought to be downgraded to liv 1 to 0.
I write to Customer Support and they says to me that they can’t solve the problem.
What do you think about this? Like everyone on this site we pay a part of our earnings to be protected with a nice system. But when the system make an issue is really possible that the human on the other side can’t make anything for this?
Thank, hope this issue never happend to anyone.

Every first-time messager has to be responded to. Whether it is spam, for an order, whether they say they are not interested any more - it doesnt matter. Just make some kind of response in each case. It is not that difficult to do.


On my page, there is always a pink dot next to the word “messages”. My goal is to never let a dot stay there for long. Sometimes it is confusing as to whether the dot is for a notification or if it is in my inbox, but I always search it out and get rid of it! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes its possible if you response late then response rate will be low.

SO keep responding fast.

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Is another the problem. It was unsless to write on the first conversation.
I write back to him in the order chat.
There are no late massage! 24 hour are not 2!

I do it.
But in this case he make the order and I thinking that was usless has a conversation with a clien in 2 different chat. I responce in the order chat.
The problem is that I write back to him but the system didn’t understand it.

Yep. Lightning fast. In the blink of an eye fast. Anything else will hurt your ratings. :roll_eyes::wink:

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