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Is this rude or am I reading too much into it?

I received an order yesterday from a client who provided no notes on their script, but in the requirements section where I ask if they have any notes they just put “yes”.

I asked what their notes were, and they said they already attached them. I said I didn’t see any notes and could they please clarify.

They responded “just get on with it”

Where I’m from telling someone to “just get on with it” would be really rude. I realize that might not be the case everywhere in the world. Please share your thoughts!


I come from by far not the most polite enviroment, but that does indeed sound very rude to me.


Super rude. Can’t think of any situation where saying that would be seen as anything other than rude.

I can be quite reactive - My reaction to this would be cancelling the order. I get that this is probably not the ‘best’ approach to this, and that this is an emotional reaction, but I don’t like people speaking to me in a manner that suggests that I’m somehow beneath them, which is how I’d interpret this situation.

You may be totally fine completing this project, and it might turn out absolutely fine. But I think saying “just get on with it”, to a total stranger, because you feel that you have the rights to do so because you’ve hired them to complete a project for you, is a red-flag and a half. My concern would be that if they are like this at the beginning of the order, what’s the likelihood of them demanding revisions/changes etc, in an equally rude and unappreciative manner.


I have just requested a cancellation. My jaw literally dropped when I saw they wrote that. I was literally asking them the most basic requirement questions as they hadn’t attached any and were being strangely elusive about the tone they wanted.

I don’t include revisions anymore so most buyers give lots of detail up front to get the most out of their money. I’ve never had someone refuse to give direction before haha! Definitely a red flag from the start.


Good for you. The least you should be able to request is clear direction. Someone showing themselves up as a nightmare client, this early in the process, is unlikely to have a personality transplant part-way through the project.


I think you’re probably right about that. I’m going on a very short holiday Thursday-Sunday and I don’t want to have that kinda stress just as I’m about to go away! Thanks for validating my feelings haha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was told something like that once by a USA buyer (a note to the mods: I’m not saying anything bad about the country or Americans, just trying to help the OP figure out if there are parts of the world where saying something like that isn’t rude). Maybe in some parts of the USA it’s not terribly rude to say something like that?

I’m from New York City, the rude capital of the world. Our city motto is indeed “just get on with it”.


Nope, it’s rude every where in the US.


I’ve never heard anyone say it endearingly or in good faith haha but I’m also sensitive to people being rude or condescending so I just wanted to get a second opinion before I cancelled. The buyer seems to be from a native-English-speaking country.

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Thank you! I really wasn’t sure.

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Rude, and … how to word it … let’s say not productive and target-aimed if they want you to get on with it.

I quite often have customers who in the inbox tell me they are attaching some file/s but there’s just the message, without files, so I politely tell them it seems they forgot to attach the files, and all of them just attached (perhaps reattached in case they did actually attach and Fiverr swallowed them somehow) them, without ever being rude, most if not all of them said sorry even, so far, I think. So, yes, rude and makes no sense either if they want you to do the job they are paying you to do.


Yes, I would consider that rude. The correct type of response would be:

“Oh, I thought I did. Can you check again and let me know? Thanks.”


“Are you sure? I’m certain I did. Let me check.”

To me, it reads like “I paid you, now do as I ask. I don’t have time for this.”

You can try the polite approach again, and if they continue to fail to deliver the notes required, politely let them know that you cannot proceed with the order because the buyer did not provide the necessary files. Whether you can cancel it or something without repercussions, that I do not know.


I’ve already cancelled. I’m going away this week and I don’t want to risk having to go back and forth with this buyer in a few days because there’s another problem down the line. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this was just too weird.


I would say that you’re in the right for the cancellation because “the buyer did not provide enough information” (and the tone certainly doesn’t help) - I hope this helps!

It does come across as very rude.

A good buyer would review their order / message, see they’ve not attached any note, apologise to the seller and then attach the note. They might even send a message like “Sorry, my fault. If it helps you, please request an extension due to my mistake”.

I’ve become far more intolerant of bad buyers over the past couple of years. In my opinion you were right to cancel the order if you have plans for the next few days. Once upon a time I would want to try and please all buyers - even the bad ones. Not now. Arrogant buyers don’t deserve my time.


As you have every right to be. A buyer should understand that there are people involved and they are not their slaves.

Usually customers describe me as “endlessly patient”, but I would never tolerate such an awful tone.
Glad to hear you have cancelled their order, such clients have to learn how to behave before making business.

Preface: I’m not questioning your methods nor am I trying to dictate how you should do things, but I just want to add here: Do be careful with that. There’s a fine line between being overly patient and unable to recognize malice. Or rather, you don’t have to put up with everything out of sheer good will.

I have my specific methods, but thank you for advice. :slight_smile:
Sometimes buyers do try to take advantage of that, it’s true. Still, I have learned my lessons and improved my work process, so there is very little possibility to ask for more and more and more. Or, well, for a price.

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