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Is this safe or a possible threat?


Hi every one! i’m new in Fiverr (signed in in April I think but my first gigs were created these last few days). So, I got my first inbox message just minutes ago from a guy with an account which has no gigs running and says that he started using fiverr this month (December). Also, he has no profile picture. Unfortunately, it was not an order. Here is his message;
“Hello. How are you? I’d like to work with for along time. I think that if we work together , both you and me will get good success. I have good idea for us. If you have interest for me, please see this link. (here would be his link. I suppose it is not the right thing to post it in this post) Thanks.”
I wonder why would someone send me a link to dropbox, while he could write a few words in the email. I’d like to hear your opinion on this; is this something that might be reported? Or is it something that looks safe and should answer?


Welcome in fiverr.
You will find many great tips and information


No that is something to ignore. At first you will get a few messages like that which have nothing to do with your gigs and you can just say “ok” then ignore them. Don’t click on any links they send.


That was my first guess @misscrystal, but I wanted to read the experience of other people just to be sure. Thank you very much for your help!!!


most likely it’s a spam. I never open links like this and reporting it as spam. And even if person want to offer you something ligitimate it probably will violate TOS that’s why they had to put it in a file in a drop box.

Just mark it as a spam or reply that you are not interested so it wouldn’t affect your response rate.


@mariashtelle1 thank you!


If you’re bored or curious, you can politely tell them something like: “Can you please tell me exactly what it’s about? Please keep in mind that, as stated in Fiverr’s Terms of Service, all the communication must go through Fiverr’s messaging system.”

If they refuse to explain, or if they’re being vague, or insist that you click on the link, it’s definitely not a legitimate request coming from a new and confused buyer.


That would be a good thing to do indeed, but I’ve already reported it as spam. But I will keep your advice in mind @catwriter , in the unfortunate) case I get a similar message in the future. Thank you!


That happens to me too, twice in 1 month. Upwork is not supported on Japan or China I forgot excatly what they said. And they ask me to create account on upwork and give them with my information and he will pay me every month, because they cannot create account in their country. Try to avoid that, and message like these, mark as spam, because in the future maybe you will have a problem with fiver support team. Avoid to chat with someone about other websites like fiverr is.


Thanks for sharing your experience @stefanmdesigns!


Np, anytime. Try to remember that like advice, if you want to stay here.


That person is still trying that? It’s been going on for months in various ways.
If he would put half as much effort into his fiverr gigs as he does sending that pitiful spam he might have a good business eventually.


No, I told them that I’m not interested. I’m not crazy to give someone my personal informations and I don’t even know them.

Yes I agree with you, it will be better if he spend that time making and working on his gig here, but he decide to spent time for nothing.


Those can sometimes, indeed, be legitimate work. But it’s not the kind you’re looking for.

The general rule is, if first-contact is troubling, the whole job start-finish will be troubling. (Of course there are exceptions)
Your spidey-sense was tingling, it will serve you well on this platform.
Politely saying “no thank you” is a good tool to have in your arsenal.


Mark it as “Spam”. Capture

Don’t click on any links, the conversation is really weird.


Thank you @liquidlettuce! I’ll keep that in mind for the next incident!


@rahulgraphics, did so. Thank you!


Nice suggestions. As a new seller, I have probably learnt from this too.
@vaggeliskaradim Thanks for sharing.


Eventually I had couple of cases wanted me to visit link. But I converted them to SPAM by clicking as you said. Simply they are blocked to message me and now only if I want, I can unblock them.


@dawudsky I had to :slight_smile: