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Is this some kind of FRAUD

I order first gig and everything went well but now I am ordering other gig and dont know after entering the payment details it goes for process and suddenly it shows the big X symbol with the message we are unable to process but I am getting sms from my bank that amount has been deducted please help me I am afraid of this fiverr now please let me know why it happen they dont have a phone number which is worrying me a lot please help me

Hey rahyan!

First of all there is no any kind of FRAUD!! Fiverr is the number one market place that you can ever trust!! They don’t scam our money!! I can guarantee that first!! How many times have you tried to pay the order? Did you pay that from mobile app? Please always try to pay your payments through a computer!! It’s safer and you can get more details from there!! I recommend you to contact Fiverr customer support with this issue!! They will solve that for you and they will surely return your money if you over paid for one service. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

hi there is no fraud on fiverr never