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Is this some kind of H@cking?

Hey Guys,

I am new to Fiverr (completed only 8 jobs yet).

Last Night I got a message from this random dude/girl. I just thought to ignore that but it looks kinda shady to me. (Attached two relative Pics)

His/her message :

Does this work for bumble - they have a photoshop detection software which I’m not sure you are able to bypass

First of all, he/she mentioned my name Bumble (It’s my profile name actually BumblePixCo) then he mentioned about Photoshop (My most used tool) and then he/she mentioned about Software Detection and Bypass (This two terms made me real sick).

The day before Yesterday (29/06/2020 IST) I renewed my Adobe cloud Acc and updated a few packages too.

I really don’t know what to do?

Is this something serious or often happens here (on Fiverr).

Please help me here.

Sounds dodgy to me - report and block.

Also remove the buyer’s name and profile information - against the rules.


Oh I will replace them .

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Never heard about this kind of Hacking, May be he is some one you know and just tried to make some fun ?
did you get any response form after your question ?

May be try to identify from time difference, you have someone in that time zone ?

Report and Block !

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No He/she didn’t respond anything, though he/she was online.

I also sent him/her message at different times.

Maybe its for fun but why? I don’t have any friend in this community.

Yes reported him/her but not blocking yet, I want to continue the chat to know more.

Will update if he/she pings.


I checked Bumble. It seems to be a dating website.
Do you make photoshop editing on fiverr? Like making people prettier with editing?
I think this person may be asking after you done his/her photo prettier, would that photo be accepted by this “Bumble” website?
I don’t understand why are you panicking about a message like that. You should try to understand the message better in my opinion. It shouldn’t be this easy to report someone

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your very correct. Most people request orders on the go, which could result to lots of typographical errors.

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Thanx dude, Now it makes sense. Thank God I didn’t block him/her :sweat_smile:.

I mean how can I not panic with this coincidence :grin:

Thanx Again.

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Bumble is a dating app. A lot of paranoid people on the forums lol