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Is this something you would buy?

Hi, Fiverr friends!

Wondering if you can leave some notes about this new gig I’ve posted:

I tried to optimize it best as I can. Wondering if I still have some things to smooth out about it.

Thanks a bunch!


Dear Armand:

I took a quick look at your gig.

It’s not something I would order, but I’m not your target demographic, so my opinion probably is not worth much in that regard.

I think it would help you to figure which Sellers on Fiverr would need to purchase this gig. Given that in my experience, each gig is allowed 3 photos and a video, you would probably be wise to explore offering 3 photos instead of 1.

Would it make sense for you to offer videos? I don’t know.

I also suggest you change your first photo’s wording, because it confused me. There’s a big difference between designing a gig and designing a gig photo.

Finally, you’re likely to sell more of your gig if you have a video with your gig presentation.

Bottom line: I don’t have much confidence in this gig, but I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again.

Good luck,

Awesome. Thanks for these, Blaise. Will try out a few things and will report back here.

I think it looks like a good gig for those who doesnt know how to use (for example) photoshop :slight_smile: