IS This Spam ?any one faced this


someone send my inbox to project…they send a software link…download and run…
he says he want to new software like linked software…its exe file…then how i know its trojan or other spam…
its received 2 buyers…

is it fake???


Never run an exe file! It’s more than likely malware.


Thats a spam
I experienced this kind of


That’s a spam! i recently got a VIDEO file from a person who was trying to show me a reference and wanted a work, but thanks to my computer anti-malware software it caught that video file which was a VIRUS! stay safe my friend and Goodluck :slight_smile:


This isn’t SPAM is more likely Phishing ( Account Stealing ) , it´s severe so be careful with this archives.


Do not open any .exe file! It is an attempt to hack your computer or your account on fiverr or install a keylogger on your computer.


Don’t run any exe files because there are some malwares that steal your passwords from your browser.


I have always found these tips helpful:

  • In general, don’t run .exe files from unknown sources.

  • Always have good Anti-virus & Anti-malware softwares installed. (I recommend ESET Smart security and Malware bytes Anti-malware)

  • If you must run the file (I mean really really must), test it first against all the anti-virus softwares at


Stay away from exe files. specially if those are sent by any person.
OR use antivirus as suggested by @ghemachandar1 .
I am using Avira and its also good you get so much in free version.
You should scan these files before opening.


i received 2 persons messages last week