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Is this spam? Because I think it is


OK so I received this message and it seems like obvious spam. What do you think?


Cover or remove the username on the screen shot, is not allowed to show it.


It is against the terms of service to talk on ■■■■■ to them. Say no.


I got a similar message. My antivirus removed the file after extracting.
There is a windows batch script in the zip.


100% Virus Alert…

I usually ask customers to send open files not zip…


We do have online scanning option where you put the file and they will tell you if ti’s a virus or not. I never use these service but there is that.


Spam Alert. Do not open zip file ever even don’t download them, ask them to use google drive or MS Word its more suitable. Thanks


Please be careful with this kind of files :skull_and_crossbones: