Is This Spam Messages ? I got this and its not suitable for my Subject :/ I reported it all time


This is the Message.


I am Ann Ben a United State army

it would be great to get to know you ,kindly permit my contacting you

through this medium.i have a very important and confidential matter

that i want to discuss with you,i am in Syria for the sake of the crisis

so kindly reply me so that i will introduce myself to is my



Ann Ben"

is this Only for me ?

Its Really Annoying me :confused:


yes, it spam mess


Lol, whatever is sending those messages has created multiple accounts under the same name. I received two separate messages from that spammer today.


Got 4 time today and 3 times yesterday. I think to send a mail and ask why he is irritating everyone lol :))


yes definitely it a spam message


Yes, already reported it. Annoying.


I canโ€™t imagine what his / her purpose of doing that :confused:


I thing it spam messege


Reply to @dusuacangmon: :frowning:


Reply to @alex_logos: Sick and tired of it. Got it three times today!(((


Reply to @alinahu: i think it a bot


Reply to @grafficalmuse: Report it always guys :frowning: its Really annoying :confused:


Reply to @dusuacangmon: probably


Reply to @alex_logos: Itโ€™s a phishing scam. They want you to email them off-Fiverr so they can gain some kind of credentials, etc.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Yep you are correct :frowning: