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⭐ Is this the message you always get for a Paypal dispute? 😱


Is this the usual email a seller gets when there is a Paypal chargeback no matter what the reason?

I don’t remember seeing this one before and was not late.


I haven’t had one in so long I don’t remember, but that doesn’t look typical of a chargeback message. I think chargeback messages tend to be more vague and usually say that the order was canceled by Support. (Even though it’s a result of a buyer action, the buyer hits Fiverr for the funds and then Fiverr hits the seller, so it says Support.) It’s possible that they’ve changed it.

That one looks more like one of two things: Either a buyer reported to Support that even though you did deliver, you did so after the deadline and they, therefore, wanted to cancel. That doesn’t sound much like something you do, but… ? The other possibility that it makes me think of is a glitch where you delivered on time but the buyer did not see it as delivered so it appeared to run late for them and they asked for a cancel. I haven’t heard of this happening recently but there was a brief issue with something similar a long time back.

Beware The New Delivery Bug!

Thanks, I think that glitch is back.


I was hoping someone could just confirm that this “your delivery was late” message is the standard message sellers get when there is a Paypal chargeback?

I was told this was now the standard chargeback message which doesn’t make sense to me, as they will be swamped with confused sellers like me asking why their order was “late” when it was not. :confused: