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Is this the ONLY Way to get legit targeted WEB TRAFFIC on Fiverr?!


There have been some drama going on in the Fiverr Web Traffic community. The topic “NEVER buy website traffic gigs - Sellers’ Dirty Tricks Revealed” went through the roof (with over 6k views).

To summarize the key facts: 90% of the traffic gigs are just bots, using automation softwear and proxys.

Basically 50% of the world wide paid traffic are just bots.

The Problem: Of course the gig sellers say that they use REAL HUMAN TRAFFIC, when they use bots. So it is very difficult as a buyer to differentiate between people who are selling proper human traffic and the people who pretend that they are sending human traffic, but they don’t.

The truth: [quote=“adsensewizard, post:8, topic:49597”]
If someone sells you 10000 website visitors, it’s obviously either bot, fake or junk traffic if it’s that cheap. And many networks don’t allow bot traffic, so there can be problems also. Quality costs. So if you want it to be quality traffic, like what you’d get from adwords, 10000 visitors would cost like $500, not $5.

He is saying the absolut truth. You can’t expect to get so much visitors for as little as $5. I have tested a lot of web traffic gigs myself to see what my competition can offer. Most of them are bs, BUT of course not all of them!

I myself was able to build my own network of websites (we are now a small team) Unlike others we don’t use proxys and automated software to generate worthless hits.

A constant steady flow of visitors looks natural and is proved to be positive for search engine and Alexa rankings.

We have over 9 years of experience in the online marketing sector and have been chosen by several professional resellers and enterprises.

However, we are new here on Fiverr and we have to say, that is pretty hard to start a new Gig with a high quality service, becouse the sad it may seem most of the buyers want to get whatever done for just $5. But guess what a logo, web traffic or whatever for $5 can’t be as good as the services from professionals.

But becouse the average buyer on Fiverr doesn’t want to pay $15 to get a high quality and legit Web Traffic Service (like we offer).

What differentiates us?
We drive traffic placing ads on other webistes. That’s how we can target specific countrys. Therefore you can create and provide us with a banner to promote your website (you can also provide up to 10 keywords so it is even more targeted and niche specific)
Of course we do not use any kind of proxys and VPN visitors (We’ve got the strongest filters in this business), with a huge pool of partner websites with great diversity in traffic (<15M users/day)

Of course we CAN NOT GUARANTEE CONVERSIONS! All we do basically is placing ads on websites related to your topic. It is the same as Facebook Ads, just becouse people see your ad this doesn’t mean you get conversions, otherwise everybody whould be rich, if all you have to do is order a $5 gig and make $100 profit. BUT this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to have conversions etc.

I would like to hear what other web traffic sellers and web traffic buyers have to say to this topic. :wink:


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