Is This The Real Life Or Just A Fantasy


So yesterday my Gig clicks and impression went from 1000 impressions a day and 40-50 views a day , to 25.000 impressions :astonished: , and 300 views :fearful:, numbers look suspicious :joy: and I think itโ€™s due Fiverr recent technical issues :laughing:

or not ? :confused:


just wait for tomorrow :slight_smile:


This is either a really strange error or you just got super super SUPER lucky. Maybe it wasnโ€™t luck and your hard efforts finally paid off! Either way, good job here on Fiverr and I wish you the best in the future!


Hope you get orders from those impressions? Else, it doesnโ€™t matter whether itโ€™s low or high. Itโ€™s number of orders that matters


Hope you recieved some orders as well! Keep at it, and the numbers wil keep flying high!


I think your gig is broken :joy: Donโ€™t worry they will fix it asap :joy:


It happened to me as well, like I posted here: