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♨️Is this the weirdest revision request ever?!🤷‍♂️


Usually buyers ask for revisions to get better/higher quality, right? Yesterday, the revision request I had was completely the opposite! :joy::joy:


I’d love to know why, did you ask the buyer out of curiosity?


I would say no. That’s way too suspicious. Something is wrong.


It might just be the particular style they want.


Clearly it’s odd but I can’t really see the harm in it; why do you think that?


There is no legitimate reason for it. I don’t know what it was for but something just doesn’t seem right. It might be a kid who is going to say he did it for a school project.


I would make an offer and add an extra entitled “Make it look like dog poop = $100”
See if they go for it :slight_smile:


But how many film makers/post production people intentionally add noise/grain etc. to a film/video or intentional camera shake/judder/lens flares or reduce the colour palette or otherwise give it a different look/style purposefully?


I would say - I don’t know how not to be awesome :roll_eyes:


Maybe ask for more info on how he’d like it changed.


Hmm! Maybe, but perhaps that level of quality is just inconsistent with their other properties or off-brand for their business.


I THINK, HE IS JUST PLAYING AROUND, having put LoL behind his statement, maybe some sort of sacarsm.

sounds very funny to me though, and i am actually LOL-ing:smiley::grinning::grin::smiley:


WOW! This is more than weird. I really want to know how this is going to turn out. Perhaps, it is for some kind of a project - and they would know that he didn’t made it - so that’s why he would like it to be slightly worse. I mean, in case the buyer wasn’t sarcastic.


Maybe the bit of the image in the post that is crossed out in blue shows what actually needs doing to the order/video.


Wow! this is very weird and I think the buyer really want the revision done. Kindly ask for the reason politely from him


Ha ha LoL :rofl: :joy:


Wierd and funny :smile:


This is what he wrote

I know this may be wierd, but is there a way you can make it look
less-good? Lol. Just kidding, please give me 10Star and yes i K-
now there is only 5Star …
Just filling the space.


Yes, it was for his school project and he wanted it less-good so it pass through the teacher.

Although I am totally against this, I cant do anything but to deliver to the kid! He did not mention this before ordeing which doesnt give me any other choices.

Otherwise, get a higher cancellation rate, less exposure, and losing time and money.

This cancellation problem is the main drawback in fiverr in my view. For all parties, the seller, the buyer, and the community. What happened to me with this kid is just an example! I found myself “forced” to do the kid’s homework to keep my business running!


Exactly as I suspected. Kind of sad.