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Is This True About Fiverr?

Hi all,
Some people say that nowadays it’s really hard to make your very first sale on Fiverr.They say that specially the people from countries like mine are always ignored and people from USA,UK have a high demand. They say that even the gigs from the countries like ours are not getting highlighted easily although we promised to do hard work.I feel like nobody trusts us although we are ready to do honest work here. Is this true?


Is your gig image made by you?

I suppose you are victim of bad rumors! I suggest keeps calm and offer your best work.

yes! I designed that one

Who says? I don’t think so …Fiverr seller and buyers has nothing to do with the countries and getting first sale is easy but getting more and more sales is difficult which will totally depend on your dedication and hard work.


Okay yeah it’s hard to get work these days not because of country problem but because of very throat cutting competition. If you make a good profile, make good gigs and promote them well then you’ll get used to FIverr very easily.

I believe that must not be true. Thank you for the comment :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the comment. Could you please tell me the best ways to promote my gig? Because I’m here to do honest work and I really love this platform.

Promote your gig on your social media accounts. Find buyers in buyer request section. (Remember buyer request section is for buyers to post requests and sellers spam it don’t do it) I see your gig has just basic package it’s always a good idea to offer premium package with more feature to attract sellers. Most importantly be patient some people have to wait 1 day to get first offer, some people have to wait a month or two.


Awesome idea.I will create gig with packages.Thanks a lot!

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I see a lot of very powerful Fiverrers from India, Russia, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and so on.
They have a few 10s orders a day (I don’t think $5 :slight_smile:

Simply they do what people need

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Olayinka, what are you doing in Sri-Lanka? Come back home…LOL

Per your question, as has been said, it’s a combo of patience, hardwork, and dilligence. Success is always a step away, but you got to work for it!

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hmm…true,but I think are old on Fiverr,the competition is really high for the newbies

Thank you for the idea rainny

First sale is not that easy nowadays Divya.That what I am really worried about

you should take off your “money back guaranteed” else I ll make 5 orders and will require my money back soon after if you see what I mean, you are playing with fire and you first sale might turn sour


If you do not get your first order within 20-25 days then may be there is something you are missing and something is wrong with your gigs…i don’t think getting first sale is really difficult if you are good in communicating with the buyers and do the right things…Don’t worry …Just share you gigs at social media and apply for buyer requests.

Thank you very much for the idea.Actually I though it might show that I am not a fraud-who takes someone’s money and does nothing.Honestly I don’t want to cheat my customers.That’s why I put it,but now you pointed me how bad it would impact on my gig,so I will remove it ASAP!

I highly appreciate your prompted reply Divya.As you’re a well experienced person here on Fiverr, could you kindly visit my gig and tell point my mistakes if there are any? Point me any mistake as you see,I will correct them.Thank you again.

@olayinka123 you’re selling on a market that’s already oversaturated and your gig description doesn’t say anything that stands out from your competition.

You’re offering theme installation. With a proper theme, installing a demo content is a 1 click process. That includes the Rosa theme you have in your portfolio. Installing plugins and demo content is not that complicated anymore. In fact, it takes less time to install a theme with basic plugins than placing an order here and sending you the credentials.

Your client base is shrinking and since it’s so simple, there are more and more sellers out there.
My recommendation is to come up with a service where you have less competition and you can actually provide a service that most people can’t do on their own.
Look around in buyer requests section and check how many people ask theme installation? Most users are looking for custom plugins and coding services to fix bugs on their site.

Think about it :wink: