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Is this true? Does anyone know?


Sellers propose a mutual cancellation to their buyers after an order is marked as complete. While the funds from your orders are clearing, if you have any completed orders that you wish to cancel, you can revisit the order page and request a mutual cancellation to your buyer using the Resolution Center.

If the buyer agrees to the cancellation, the feedback rating will be removed automatically.


It seems that old sellers don’t want to (confirm) write an answer… Shame! They pretend that are helping the new sellers, but this critical TIP remains a secret…

ps: yes dear, it’s true and I verified it


I don’t know if this is true, but please remember that in such situation buyer gets his money back, while seller has a cancellation in his tally that could seriously affect his ratings and, finally, his business!


You’ll have no problem, and even you refund the money to buyer, the benefits of 100% positive rating are huge. For example, this gig ( got 2 negative reviews (some buyers are very difficult), and after I requested mutual cancellation I mentained my rating as 100% positive.


This should help