Is this true that youtubers saying?


I’ve been watching some YouTube videos related fiverr, many are people saying that fiverr has more buyers than sellers, I’m just curious to know this.


I suppose the only ones who can know this is Fiverr staff who can get the access to see the data about the amount of sellers and buyers on this platform.


i think yes, there are no others platform easier to use than fiverr


That seems pretty self-explainatory. Naturally there’s always more buyers, as everyone can be interested in a service (Sellers too), but only some people offer services themselves.

Fiverr also does marketing, so you can think if one TV ad brings a million interested visitors to the site, do you think that would mean more than 500k new sellers? Nope, I’d estimate a maximum (Possibly much less) of a few thousand of those could become sellers quite fast, and rest would be potential buyers only.

You can also do a quick check if you think how many people that you know have purchased something from Fiverr, and then how many of those are sellers. I’m pretty sure majority have only purchased.


It would depend on where those youtubers are getting their intel. Do note that youtubers will say anything to get views.


indeed,there is no better platform like this


I dunno.

If there are more buyers than sellers, that’s a great thing. :blush:

Hopefully, quality buyers. :grin:


this is very sensible, convincing explanation for my confusion.