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Is this type of gig even allowed?!

I saw a gig for

Rating someone’s penis" (thingy wink wink) on Fiverr… is this even allowed?

Reply to @kjblynx: Its not really “calling them out” if you don’t use their name. I think asking a question like this on the forum is more than appropriate. (Gives some of us a chuckle at least.) Now if a name was initially used and then removed, I stand corrected.

Reply to @theslackjaw: Nope, no name was used. Just the link. So where would I post this in CS?

Reply to @kjblynx: okay thanks. I remove the link and it is no longer calling out correct? And which category would i file this as?

Oh my 0.o …could be fun… but really, how would you rate it and what would be the point? lmao not like you can provide feedback to improve someones…appendage.

Reply to @accessgirl: I have no idea… but this kind of thing… is not exacly… ehhhhhh… appropriate for a site like this. y know? Should I contact support?

Reply to @friendbear: Ya, definitely report it, it’s not appropriate at all. Funny, just not appropriate.

100% chance that this is a Dude!

Reply to @accessgirl: Which category do I file it as?

Reply to @anigrams: it said in the description that this is with a womens perspective… XD but i dunno.

Reply to @friendbear: Not sure, just the pick the one that fits as close to the issue as possible.

Reply to @anigrams: lmao probably!

Reply to @kjblynx: Ah…didn’t know the link was used. Then yes…you are correct. But as the question is labeled right now, it’s harmless, and gave me a good laugh.