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Is this Valid according to Terms or Not?


i just wonder if i send message to buyer during the order and this message include :"

i can not afford less than 5 stars , if you don’t like my work can refund you easily"

what do you think of that?
is this message against fiverr terms?
or you shouldn’t talk at any way with your buyer about reviews.


Suggest you don’t do that as that would be seen as trying to manipulate the buyer.


thanks alot, very helpful.


It is totally against Fiverr’s ToS. The recipient of your message can report you to Fiverr at any time, and if/when that happens, you will get a ToS warning, account suspension, or a permanent ban from Fiverr.

I hope that the recipient of your message doesn’t report you, though. Also, if you want to work on Fiverr, don’t ever do that.


i didn’t make it of course but i was asking only.


Hello i would recommend you not to do this. Try always your best and trust me you will get good stars if you are good to what you offer. Dont expect to take only 5 stars though. Let buyers have their honest opinion. Good luck

Maria S.


This. Don’t talk about reviews, don’t mention reviews, don’t ask for reviews.


i’m not doing that, but was asking only.


You already asked something similar not so long ago: Is This became illegal?


Don’t do it or you will get banned.


asking for good review is diffrent than refunding


You ARE asking for a good review in a way.


Both asking for good review and refunding if you don’t like review you’d get are considered review manipulation, and strictly forbidden.

I’ve noticed that you have several topics asking whether something is allowed or not. Perhaps you should spend some time reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


As i’m new to fiverr, not old like other users so want to know the right way to do something.

Thanks alot for your help


What do you mean, you’re new? You’re a level 2 seller with 173 reviews, your account is from June 2015, and your first sale was 3 years ago. Unless you’re using someone else’s account, you’re not new to Fiverr.

Anyway, whether you’re really new to Fiverr or not, reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service will definitely help you know the rules.


:smile: We can’t get away with anything around here.


I was beginning to wonder if level 2 sellers are now new.
“Koyemi rara” (means I don’t understand)


there is designers here from 2012 or old,
i mean new to terms not experienced like others.

This is my account really.


introduce my self as new, will be beginner,
you will not be profesional unless you consider yourself beginner


This is against Fiverr… ! so be careful
Dont even ask for 5 stars

One thing you can do is ( which i also do ) sometimes buyers dont know that they have to leave reviews so you can remind them only about it but dont force them to do it
Tell them nicely and dont ask for 5 stars !

Cheers !