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Is this Valid according to Terms or Not?


If this is your account, how you don’t know anything at all if you are level 2?


thanks for all who replies and will take these advices into consideration.


“you will not be profesional unless you consider yourself beginner”


You’ve spent 3 years on Fiverr. You really should know Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

On top of that, the rules have changed a lot since 2012, and someone who’s been here since 2012 but haven’t read the ToS recently might give you the wrong answer.

It’s best to read the ToS every month or so, to see if something’s changed.


Buyers don’t have to leave a review. Leaving a review is buyer’s prerogative, not something that they must do.

Fiverr already reminds them twice. By reminding them the third time you might annoy them enough to give you a review you won’t like.


I have my own way of asking for it which no one can get annoyed


I’d love if you’d share it if, in fact, “no one can get annoyed.”


yes when i was at 2015 it was legal to ask buyer that,
but it was helpful to know that it became il legal now.

One should bu up to date with fiverr TOS.


Yes, now I suggest you follow that advice so you’re the one answering other people’s questions.


I’ve seen sellers say the same, and then their messaging gets disabled, or they get a warning from Fiverr.


I have a feeling we could find a way. There have been lots of sellers who are asking for reviews in a way that could get them in trouble, thinking it’s ok.

They seem to not be able to understand, or don’t want to understand. the rule that you cannot ask for a review in a way that even hints that you want only good reviews.

It is not a matter of annoying people. That has nothing to do with it.


Yes, you should be. And you should be reading the TOS regularly – something you should have started doing three years ago… when you really were a new seller. You’re not a new seller now, so you, respectfully, have no excuse for not knowing how Fiverr works, and not being 100% familiar with the Terms of Service.


Lol…only Nigerians can relate better!
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You are correct !
catwriter said that buyers might be annoyed if i ask for the review ( technically it will be 3rd time that they are asked for review so i usually ask at first even before fiverr does and which doesnt indicate positive or negative at all
that’s all i meant !


Just to add one more thing i have a common style of asking for it and i sent the exact LINE
to fiverr support teams they said its perfect and told me anything is fine but just dont ask for 5stars or like that
so verified
One day if fiverr bans me for that i will show the email LOL…kidding :smiley:


All the others lately thought that the way they ask for a review was not positive or negative also. When they shared what they were actually saying to buyers, it turned out that they were indeed subtly asking for a certain type of review, or hinting strongly at that. Or they were trying to manipulate a certain response. For some reason you won’t say what you actually say to buyers.