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Is this worth creating a gig?


This is what I had created today with sport balls, etc. On this picture is missing one R from “Fiverr”. But my question is: Is this something that people would order as a gig ? My gig would sound: I will create a unique message with sport accessories (up to 10-12 letters).


I like it. But i probably wouldn’t buy it. I know someone would though. You should try it out.


I’ve seen similar concept gigs that sold pretty well. This is also the type of creative stuff fiverr seems to like and give high placement to.


Reply to @madmoo: Thank you for your answer. Yes I saw that gig too (with tennis balls).

Your gigs are really cool! Congrats!

Yes, that could be a problem, I am limited with my view. However I can try with smaller letters (not so many balls for one letter).